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Equinophobia: Is it hereditary? April 8, 2014

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I’ve had a fear of horses for years. It’s irrational, I know, but you couldn’t pay me to ride a horse now. The last time I did, over ten years ago, my horse jumped up and I ended up walking a few miles back to the base while someone else pulled my horse. haha

Well, it appears my daughter has inherited this fear as well… we brought her to the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round this weekend and this picture pretty much sums up that experience:

The Merry-Go-Round is 75 years old and still looks the same as it did way back then! It’s really cool to ride actually. But she was so scared, I felt so bad!
IMG_4870Get me outta here!




Truthfully, I think the music is creepier than the horses. It’s old-fashioned carnival music. It fits the ride perfectly, but it’s really loud and ‘scary-clown’ scary for sure. haha

Even though she didn’t love it while we were riding, for the rest of the day she talked about how the horses went “up and down”.



Feeling braver now that she’s on the other side of the fence. ha!


Well, baby’s first merry-go-round experience… time will tell if there will be a second!IMG_4893


California Science Center April 7, 2014

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Yesterday, we ventured down to the California Science Center to enjoy some time with Adele. We started the day with breakfast with our friends Melissa & Robb and their daughter Claudia! She and Adele have been friends since the womb! We did prenatal yoga together. It’s so cute to watch them play together.

They kept each other on their best behavior and we all enjoyed a relaxing meal al fresco. Nothing better!

After breakfast, we said goodbye and headed to the museum. We hoped Adele would nap in the car on the way there, but she sang the whole way down. Our plan B was to bring the Ergo and Stroller, walk around and then maybe she’d nap on one of us while we explored some more….but we were silly to think that, she was WAY too excited to sleep! I mean, there are fish!

The kelp forest is awesome. Lots of fish and sharks! And even a tube you can walk through. Toddler approved!


At one point, i just sat on the edge, with Adele in my lap, and we sat together talking about the colors of the fish, and the size of the sharks. And we watched the fish swim ‘up, up up’ and ‘down down down’. I enjoyed it so much. The Science Center is free and I foresee us spending lots of time with the fish in the future!


I can’t get enough of pony tail silhouettes!


We had to literally drag her away from the tank, she loved it! We also saw some Turtles, mice, lizards and birds! There were so many other exhibits to visit, but we will have to save those for another day. We didn’t want to overwhelm her, and she was already pushing her limits without a nap.

But we did sneak in a little ‘toddler’ town action first. Check this out, it’s a ‘sand box’ but instead of sand or rocks, it was made out of shredded rubber tires! If I ever have a backyard, I’m getting a truck load of this stuff, it was awesome! And I loved their additions of vegetables to go hunting for! So healthy and cute.

We thought for sure she’d sleep in the car on the way home after all that stimulation! But alas, no dice. We waved the white flag and hung around the house for a couple of hours when we got home. Then we decided to squeeze in one last errand of the day and within 2 minutes of the drive… she was out. Yep. We’re officially ‘those parents’. The ones who swore we’d never resort to driving to get our child to sleep. We enjoyed a blissfully quiet ride and then i sat in the car for an hour checking email while Irving meandered around Costco. All in all… the perfect day full of friends, family… and finally, a nap. =)


A Little Rearranging March 12, 2014

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My, what a difference a baby can make. For many reasons… but today, we’re talking about our house. We rearranged Adele’s room— again. 


Before she was born, we took her room from this:

…to this. {Remember our time lapse video?}

And over the weekend, we changed it to look like this:
That couch has now taken up residence on all three sides of the room so far!

What did we take out to make room? These:

We actually haven’t had the computers on those desks for a while now. They’ve been camping out on our dining room table for a few months. We finally got sick of them taking up space, so we set up a work station in the dining room:

Sure, not ideal, but they are a little hidden back there, we get our table back, and Adele gets extra space in her room. Win-win-win.

She now has the whole floor to play on, a table to play at, and a kitchen and shelves of toys/books to play with. All in one place.


How does this happen? March 10, 2014

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How does THIS:

Become THIS???


Twenty-One Months Already! March 8, 2014

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It’s crazy to me that Adele is now 21 months old. She’s the best thing that ever happened to us and every day gets more and more fun. It’s been a blast seeing her grow into a ‘real person’ this month. Huge leaps in speech and learning. We can’t get enough of her lately.

A few changes this month:

-She shows her teeth when she smiles now. It totally changes how she looks and we think it’s the cutest thing ever.

-Her hair is growing like crazy! She hates bows and clips, but she’s been rocking the ponytails and pigtails (even side ponies!)
-She’s stringing lots of words together into sentences now. We went from “Mommy, Go” to “Mommy, milk, go” to “Mommy, more milk please, go!”
-She’s become a cuddler. She hugs and snuggles a lot now. Especially right before bed and right when she wakes up. She nuzzles into our shoulders. It started when she had a cold this month, and it looks like it’s a habit that’s sticking (yessss!!)

-She’s becoming braver. She’s still a pretty cautious kid, but I see her confidence building in what she can do.

-She’s become ‘Little Miss Independent’. Can’t keep her in her stroller anymore. Those feet are made for walking and she doesn’t want to be pushed around anymore. She can walk 2-3 blocks by herself, which I think is pretty impressive for a tiny person!


-Weight/Height = Unknown
-Diapers = 3’s (heading into 4’s very very soon)
-Shoes = Size 4
-Clothes = Um… she still fits into 12 month pants and t-shirts. Onsies are 18 months. Haven’t brought out the 24 month/2T clothes yet!!

She’s still going to bed at 7:30p most nights, but this month, she started waking up between 5:30-6a-ish!! I know we have been blessed with a consistent 8a wakeup for well over a year…. but I’m not used to waking up this early! And I don’t like it! I know we can’t complain, we just have to start going to bed earlier ourselves! We do love those early morning bed snuggles though.

Did I mention last month we ditched the pacifier (man, these months go by fast!) It’s still gone, we haven’t looked back. She’s still madly in love with Mr. Puppy though. I have three of the same one that I rotate so I always have one handy. But we lost one this month! I think she dropped it out of her stroller on an evening walk(?). Anyways, I went out today and bought a new one, so we’re back up to having three. Necessary.
She likes to chew on his tail. lol

Adele is doing a bit better in the food department, but it’s still frustrating to make sure she’s getting enough each day. She doesn’t eat much. We consider a few bites at each meal a victory. She’s still very picky about textures (declining anything with a skin, fiber or requires chewing). Seriously, why does she hate chewing things? It’s getting slightttttly better, but still really annoying. I chase her around the house picking up spit out pieces of food every day. WHY?!

Favorite foods at the moment: Cereal, cookies, strawberries, blackberries, bananas, goldfish, turkey meatballs, canned mandarin oranges, raisins, dried cranberries, yogurt, pouches of applesauce.

Yep, there’s lots and lots of words! Her memory is pretty impressive. She’s a little parrot and will repeat everything we say now! But she remembers most of it. Some of her new words:
-Elephant (ell-phant)
-Octopus (ock-puss)
-Outside (out-shide)
-Cereal (see-real)
-Oh Well
-Please (mees)
-Circle (shirt-cul)
-Yellow (lellow)
-Green (geen)
-Truck (tuck)
-and so many more I’m blanking on at the moment!

Her favorite toys are still books. But I think our computers/cell phones/kindle/tablets are creeping up to that spot now too. We try to limit the ‘screen time’ because it’s crazy how addicted to it she can get. She knows which games/videos we have loaded on each device, it’s nuts!

She also loves puzzles now, she can do all of our wooden puzzles in record speed. Her spacial judgment is getting better now. She understands shapes/sizes for the first time. She also loves her dollies and stuffed animals. And her play kitchen!

Oh and music! She LOVES music. Girl has rhythm in those hips! I have to make a music video of her dance skills soon!

Daddy built a fort for her last week that she loved. She also loves playing hide and seek behind curtains and under the covers in bed.

And now, I’ll leave you with a photo bomb of some of my favorite pictures of the week:

She calls her hooded towel a ‘hat’ and insists on wearing it sometimes. HAHA

Loves watching the trucks and puppies go by the window.



Watching ‘Elmo’. She also loves ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’. And she thinks she likes ‘Curious George’, she gets excited to see a monkey, but the show doesn’t keep her interest and then she’s back to asking for Elmo.

I love this picture because she still looks like a baby. I am constantly staring at her trying to remember what she looked like 6 months ago, a year ago, as a newborn. It’s getting harder and harder.



Watching the ants crawl around. LOL

To get this shot, I told her to go tickle the leaves. BAHAHA

Dancing in the street like nobody’s watching…


All of you veteran moms were right, this just keeps getting better!


Santa Barbara Zoo March 4, 2014

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On Presidents’ Day, Irving and I both had the day off and we wanted to get out of LA and do something fun as a family. We tossed around a few ideas and decided on the Santa Barbara Zoo. Rumor has it that it’s smaller and easier to maneuver than the LA Zoo we have right down the street. And we were definitely impressed.

It gets a two toddler-approved thumbs up!



It was busy, but at times, we had entire exhibits to ourselves. Adele had so much fun. She was taking in everything!


Hi Mr. Turtle!IMG_4408

She loved the Elephants (pronounced ‘el-fint’) She was completely mesmerized watching them eat. 




Sometimes, as a mom, I try to simplify things for Adele so that she’ll understand them. For example, when we got to this exhibit, I said “Adele, look at the Monkey! Hi Monkey!” And in response she said “Gorilla!” (pronounced ‘Go-ril-ra’). Um, how did she know this was a Gorilla and not a monkey? Then I felt dumb for assuming she wouldn’t know the difference! Irving and I were both impressed. And ever since, she’s OBSESSED with gorillas. We even have a gorilla book at home that has become a new favorite.

We ‘splurged’ on the train ride. It takes you around the zoo and shows you some of the exhibits from other angles. We had to wait in line for 15 minutes or so, but Adele did great. This is her ‘say cheese’ face. (A smile on demand! I love it!)



On the train! She’s concentrating very hard.IMG_4433

I think she was looking at a bird in a tree in this picture. Girl’s got good eyes!IMG_4436



Hi baby giraffes!! (pronounced ‘baby giff-aff’)

You can see the train we rode in the background! So cute!


We had a blast at the zoo. We hope to visit again soon!


Hollywood Date Night February 20, 2014

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To keep the momentum of Valentine’s Day weekend going, Irving and I had a fun date night planned for Sunday night! We hired a babysitter and headed into Hollywood for dinner and a play! We even valeted the car! (HAHAHA We would usually choose to park 2 miles away and walk than do this, but tonight was a special occasion… date night!) I wore a new black lace dress too! Fancy! (still wore my flats instead of heels though, gotta keep it real, right?)

We ate at Fabiolus on Susnset Boulevard. We skipped the appetizers and went straight to the wine. We ordered a bottle of the house white. (We had never done that ever either!) It was fun!

I had a great pesto linguine and Irving ordered a chicken dish. Both were great! We had a great conversation about parenting, Adele, life, work and the future. I very much enjoyed the company of this guy.

Then we headed up the street to the Pantages Theater to see Book of Mormom!

We had been there once or twice before, but the theater really is breathtaking. Brings you back in time a bit and makes you appreciate ‘old hollywood’. It opened in 1930!

[Fun Fact: The Oscars took place here from 1949 to 1959!]


We really liked the play. It was a musical and the songs were great. I thought the story could have used more depth, but it definitely had some great lines and characters.

What a wonderful night with my perfect valentine. xo



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