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A Weekend in the Bay Area January 17, 2009

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Check out our matching sweaters!

This is where we bought our wedding rings!

A beautiful morning in the Bay Area!

Brunch with (almost) the whole family! (We missed you EJ!)

We drove up to the top of Mt. Diablo! It was gorgeous!

You can see the Quarry from up there! (And Irving’s house is right beyond it down there somewhere!)

Check out those mountains in the background… trust me, those are realllly far away!

The view through Irving’s eyes!

My little photographer!

Look, there’s people climbing over there!

The Summit


Standing on the “peak” of Mt. Diablo.
(haha why am I making that face)?

Someday, we’ll have to hike this together!

Irving taking a picture of the sign….

…and the picture he took!

Check out Irving’s new kicks!

Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.

I call this one: Ring in Focus 🙂

We went into the city with friends (how come we didn’t take any pictures when we were there?!)
And Irving got this Watermelon Beer! YUM!