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Black Friday Wine Tasting! December 1, 2009

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Instead of braving the crowds at the stores this year, we headed up to Sonoma Valley to go Wine Tasting instead! It was the annual Sonoma Valley Open House! We went with Irving’s Aunt and Uncle (Hi Jake and Janie!) They do it every year, and we were so excited to join them this time! For $30, you get a glass and you can go to all the wineries and sample their wines! Each winery also had food to sample too! We pretty much ate and drank our way through Sonoma Valley. 🙂

Check out this Wreath made out of corks! This was at the Little Vineyards Winery.

It definitely felt like fall up there. So many beautiful colors!

This was the tasting room at Valley of the Moon Winery. They definitely had the best wine/food pairings there. We ate Pasta, Garlic Bread, Chocolates and a great Waldorf Salad!

Jake and Janie came prepared! They had wine trays to hold their food samples while we sipped the wine! They let us borrow some too. I think we were the envy of Wine Country that day. Everyone was jealous of their brilliant idea!

I think these were taken at Loxton Winery.

The Kunde Winery was gorgeous!

They have caves and tunnels under the vineyard! It was so cool!

This is the glass we got, isn’t it pretty?

Irving’s excited to go into the cave… you know why?

They had Grilled Cheese Panini’s and Tomato Soup in there!!!!

Grapes still on the vine!

Inside the Wine Cave!!

Mmm… Chocolates filled with Raspberry at the Kenwood Winery!

Then it started to rain! (But I love rain, so I was ok with it)!

But the sun came out and it was just beautiful! These were at the St. Francis Winery. It was so beautiful! They served awesome Chocolate Cherry Cookies with their port wine! Mmm!

Last on our list was the Ledson Winery. Can you believe this is someone’s house?! The tasting rooms were on the lower level.

We sampled a few of their wines (and had the most AMAZING brownies there!) But they were not very nice to us. We were thinking about purchasing the Orange Muscat, I went to the counter to sample it, and Irving was standing right beside me waiting for his pour. And at 4:01pm (1 minute past closing time), they refused to pour any more! I pleaded for them to let Irving have his taste…. but they turned everyone else away at the counter! Needless to say, we walked out without buying it! One minute past closing time, really?! It wasn’t that good anyways.

But they do have a very picturesque property!

The light was perfect!

After a fun day of wine tasting, we stopped by Irving’s friend, Thomas’s house to visit with his family. His wife, Julie served us the most amazing homemade apple pie! Then the boys played Video Games!

The perfect end to the perfect day!


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  1. Janie Says:

    It was fun! We hope you’ll do again with us – maybe next year? Our cabinet is overflowing with wine glasses and I can’t give a single one up because they all mean something. . .

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