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Our Icelandic Honeymoon Part 1 May 21, 2010

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With all the talk lately about the volcano in Iceland, I thought I would share some of my honeymoon pictures! We spent five amazing days in Iceland right after our wedding last July. It was so exciting, romantic and beautiful.

Iceland - 2009 (3)

Iceland is the perfect getaway, especially from the East Coast. It was only a 4.5 hour flight, and would really make the perfect layover on the way to Europe, we highly recommend it!

Iceland - 2009 (153)

Our first stop was the Blue Lagoon!

Iceland - 2009 (28)

We stayed in The Clinic, which is the only hotel on the grounds of the Blue Lagoon.
Iceland - 2009 (19)

It sounds really strange, but it was GORGEOUS.
Iceland - 2009 (186)

When we checked in, we even got a gift since it was our honeymoon!
Which of course became a photo opportunity for our new rings!

Iceland - 2009 (44)

Our hotel was just a short walk to the biggest part of the Lagoon.
Iceland - 2009 (47)

Iceland - 2009 (80)

Along the way we took tons of pictures.
Iceland - 2009 (61)

Iceland - 2009 (62)

Basically, the Blue Lagoon is a big lava field. And the lava gets covered in Moss!
We saw this sign:
Iceland - 2009 (82)

So naturally… we did this:
Iceland - 2009 (118)

Don’t tell!

The  Lagoon was GORGEOUS!

Iceland - 2009 (31)

There are all these bridges that connect the little waterways and “islands” in the lagoon.

Iceland - 2009 (36)

So like I said before, this area is a giant lava field. And then there are all these thermal vents around the area. Nearly all of the electricity Iceland uses is generated from these heat vents. So they started harvesting the steam. The “byproduct” of steam is… hot water! So they decided to flood the lava fields to create the Blue Lagoon. It’s like a giant hot tub!

The reason the waters are so amazing blue is from the high concentrate of Silica Mud that naturally occurs in the area. More on that later!

Since we went in the summer, the sun barely sets at all! There is 22 hours of daylight! It was so weird to look at our watches at 10 o’clock at night and see the sun was still out!
Iceland - 2009 (91)

Prime photography light!
Iceland - 2009 (130)

Iceland - 2009 (124)

Iceland - 2009 (123)

Here’s the deal… anyone can go to the Blue Lagoon. But if you stay at the Clinic, you get to go for FREE!
Not only that… the Clinic has it’s own private Blue Lagoon, just for people who stay there.
Iceland - 2009 (138)

The days we were there, we had it all to ourselves!!

Iceland - 2009 (166)

Iceland - 2009 (172)

We spent the whole day in the water, floating around and relaxing. We also enjoyed scooping up the silica mud and putting it on our faces. It’s supposed to be really good for your skin.

You can either use a little bit of mud…
Iceland - 2009 (159)

Or a lot!

Iceland - 2009 (160)

It felt like playdoh or something. But when it gets wet, it dissolves into the water.


We headed over to spend the day at the Bigger Blue Lagoon. It is a short walk… but it was really hard to roll our suitcases over the lava fields! I was NOT happy!
Iceland - 2009 (200)

But it was WELL worth the trek. The bigger lagoon was so cool! We lounged in the lagoon, went into the saunas, swam under the waterfalls, put more mud on our faces, and even got a massage while we FLOATED in the water!!!! That was pretty incredible.

They also have a swim up bar! We ordered the “Blue Lagoon” drink.
Iceland - 2009 (224)

Iceland - 2009 (226)

To my new husband!
Iceland - 2009 (228)

PS.. those blue bracelets were our keys to our lockers. They also sync with your credit card, and when you order from the bar, you just scan your bracelet and pay on your way out. High Tech, right?

It was so romantic!
Iceland - 2009 (244)

The day was incredible.
We highly recommend the land of lava for your honeymoon.
Iceland - 2009 (243)

Part two will be coming soon!


Our Icelandic Honeymoon Part 2

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After a wonderful couple of days by the Lagoon, we headed into Reykjavik for the rest of the trip. It had the beauty of Hawaii with the charm of Europe. It was lovely.

Iceland - 2009 (252)

Iceland - 2009 (254)

A statue of Leif Erikson! Remember him? History circa 3rd grade or something?

Iceland - 2009 (260)

We climbed up to the top of the Hallgrimskirkja Church.

Iceland - 2009 (280)

And from the top, there were amazing views!
Iceland - 2009 (284)

 Iceland - 2009 (291)

We even spotted our hotel!
Iceland - 2009 (292)

The interior of the church was really pretty as well!
Iceland - 2009 (271)

Iceland - 2009 (310)

The land of Vikings!
Iceland - 2009 (325)

Their language is so hard to understand!
Iceland - 2009 (329)

They eat whales and puffins!

Iceland - 2009 (335)

I wore the flowers from my wedding day in my hair almost the whole time. HAHA

Iceland - 2009 (338)

Iceland - 2009 (333)

I’m obsessed with the Olympics, so of course we had to visit the Iceland Olympic Training Center!
Iceland - 2009 (512)

This is the Hofdi House that Reagan met with Russia’s Gorbachev where they discussed ending the cold war in 1986!
Iceland - 2009 (524)

Then we headed out towards the ocean. The colors were breathtaking.
Iceland - 2009 (527)

Iceland - 2009 (532)

Along the bay, there is a famous hotdog stand…I know, that sounds really funny, right?
Iceland - 2009 (538)

But if Bill Clinton likes their hotdogs…we figured we should try them!
Iceland - 2009 (539)

Iceland - 2009 (541)

They were pretty good.

Iceland - 2009 (561)

These statues were made famous in the movie “101 Reykjavik”. If you look at it from the right angle, it looks like the guy farther away is putting the constitution up the other guy’s butt. lol
Iceland - 2009 (573)

Of course, hilarity ensued. We’re so mature.
Iceland - 2009 (579)

Iceland - 2009 (580)

Iceland - 2009 (582)

We took these pictures while waiting for a bus to take us to “The Pearl”!
Iceland - 2009 (584)

Iceland is so genius. Basically, this building houses four huge water tanks. But in the middle, they built a museum. Brilliant! They had an audio tour and they told you the history of the Vikings.
Iceland - 2009 (585)

The whole thing was animatronics. lol (remember the witch museum in Salem, MA? It’s kind of like that).
Iceland - 2009 (587)

Iceland - 2009 (591)

And then Irving and I pretended to be Vikings!
Iceland - 2009 (598)

I’m telling you! Best honeymoon EVER!
Iceland - 2009 (599)

Just a short walk from the pearl was one of their beaches.  Right on the beach is a thermal vent… so they built a container around it to contain the near boiling water…. then it feeds into the ocean. So you can swim at the beach and the water is WARM! Where do they come up with this stuff?
Iceland - 2009 (618)
Wish I’d thought of that!
Iceland - 2009 (630)

A shot of our Hotel Lobby:

Iceland - 2009 (636)

It’s funny, we actually were supposed to stay in the Hilton, but when we got there, they told us they were overbooked and had placed us in the Grand Hotel instead. It really didn’t matter, because this hotel was really pretty anyways. But for our “troubles” (i.e. having to lug our suitcases down the street to the new hotel), they offered us a free 7 course meal at the nicest restaurant in the Hilton.

The dinner took nearly four hours to eat! It was so nice!

Iceland - 2009 (500)

Iceland - 2009 (501)

On our last day, we had some extra Icelandic Dollars and stopped by a casino to spend them. We were just trying to get rid of them, it wasn’t worth that much. But Irving WON in the slot machine. LOL Now we had lots of Icelandic Dollars.

Iceland - 2009 (631)


I guess we are lucky in love!

Iceland - 2009 (510)

Stay tuned for part 3!


Our Icelandic Honeymoon Part 3

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One of days in Iceland, we did a coach bus tour of some of the highlights outside of the city.
The entire country of Iceland has about 500,000 people, nearly all of them live in Reykjavik. So the vast majority of the country is uninhabited.

On the tour, we stopped at one of the Geothermic plants. They showed us how they harvest the steam into electricity. They even had a slideshow so we could understand it….
Iceland - 2009 (347)

We were confused. lol

We were also lucky to see some of the infamous Icelandic Horses! They have the purest breed of horse in the world. They’ve never been mated with any other species, and it’s illegal to bring other kinds of horses into the country. They were really pretty. (But I kept my distance because I don’t like horses.)

Iceland - 2009 (427)

Next up, was Gullfoss. It was a beautiful waterfall in a canyon in the countryside.
The green sides were so lush, adn the water just looked like a mirror in the middle. It was HUGE, you can see the walking path on the left hand side.

Iceland - 2009 (367) Iceland - 2009 (366)

Iceland - 2009 (373)

Iceland - 2009 (409)

They filmed the Music Video for Live’s Heaven at Gullfoss:

They also had buttercups growing on the side. I held it under my chin to see if I was sweet. lol
Iceland - 2009 (394)

There is something about the rawness of Iceland that I just loved.
Iceland - 2009 (424)

Iceland - 2009 (442)

Next up, was a visit to the Geysirs! And not just any geysir! The ORIGINAL Geysir. The one that all the other geysirs in the world are named after!


This was just a little one nearby.
Iceland - 2009 (431)

It was a whole park full of these thermal vents.
You can see how deep into the earth they go!
Iceland - 2009 (438)

Yes, it’s boiling water… but I wanted to touch it anyways. lol
Iceland - 2009 (441)

Here’s is Geysir ready to go!
You can see the boiling water bubbling up….

Iceland - 2009 (454)

Iceland - 2009 (455)

Iceland - 2009 (456)

Iceland - 2009 (451)

Hot water spewing everywhere, with nothing more than a rope stopping people from getting hit by it.

Then we headed to Thingvellir National Park. This is where the Vikings used to meet back in those days.

Iceland - 2009 (468)

If you look in the distance, see how the mountains have a line under them? That is where the North American and Eurasian plates meet! That is a rift in the plates.

Iceland was formed when the two plates collided with each other. It really is new earth that has been created by tectonic movement and volcanoes. SO COOL!

So this vast plain is where the vikings used to make laws and such.
Iceland - 2009 (478)

It used to look like this:
 Iceland - 2009 (473)

This is me pretending I’m making important Viking decisions:
Iceland - 2009 (485)

And this is me pretending to jump over the rifts:Iceland - 2009 (490)

The trip to Iceland is over… but the honeymoon continues on and on…

Our new rings!
Iceland - 2009 (496)

Iceland - 2009 (497)

Iceland - 2009 (499)

Goodbye Iceland, you were fantastic!

These were some glaciers over Greenland on our flight home:

Iceland - 2009 (650)


Samplings of Shanghai May 10, 2014

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The breakfast we had in Shanghai…. oh, it was good. SO GOOD. A mix of East and West. Nothing like starting your day with sautéed snap peas, cabbage and noodles! With a side of donuts, watermelon and potatoes. Seriously, why doesn’t the western world start their day with veggies?! I need to start doing that more, I felt great all day!

We started our day at the Tian Hou Silk factory. Another one of those ‘forced shopping excursions’ that I really wish they’d take out of these itineraries. (My only complaint, Contiki!)IMG_1596

They gave us a demonstration about how they make silk (from silk worms all the way to the final product). IMG_1597
Now, let’s go see some of Shanghai! (PS. we were so impressed that they use real bamboo as scaffolding on all their construction sites around China! Impessive!)



Papa Johns!IMG_1603

Linda, our local guide, led us to the old section of Shanghai where we explored Yu Garden. (Follow that giraffe!)IMG_1607

The gardens were stunning (even in the rain!) So picturesque! IMG_1609









We paid a small fee to go further inside the gardens, and it was SO worth it! We wandered around, got lost, kept walking and enjoyed all the hidden gems inside. It really felt relaxing and zen!IMG_1621

Nerd Alert!IMG_1623

Isn’t it crazy this oasis exists in the middle of the world’s biggest city?IMG_1625








Seriously one beautiful thing after another!IMG_1643












I love this picture. Orange on the top, Orange on the bottom! This was a tour group from Denmark, they matched the fish!IMG_1696

I kept feeling like I was on Amazing Race. If there was a clue hidden in there, we’d never be able to find it! It’s a maze!IMG_1698



After getting frustrated briefly because we couldn’t find our way out (haha! I’d never survive one episode on Amazing Race!) we finally did and took shelter in a Starbucks to wait out the rain until we could get back on the bus. I greatly enjoyed my overpriced american coffee.


This was our only full day in Shanghai, and we had some free time in the afternoon, so we came up with a plan to hit as much as we could. First stop was the Oriental Pearl (the TV Tower) where we visited the Shanghai Museum. It seemed more geared towards kids, but we walked through quickly and learned a few things about the history of the city.

The life-like animated people reminded us of the museum we visited in Iceland… ironically enough, also located in a building called “The Pearl”!IMG_1724

haha, they even had a display highlighting a Soy Sauce and Pickle Shop. IMG_1726



Haha, Irving’s on TV! So I guess the museum is actually geared towards kids— and HUSBANDS. He loved it!

When we were done, we grabbed a quick bite to eat (chocolate croissants from a french bakery nearby), and jumped on the subway for our next adventure… riding the Maglev!




The Maglev is the fastest train in the world! It takes passengers from downtown Shanghai to the airport in just EIGHT minutes! It tops out at 431km/hour (or 267 miles/hour). We bought a ticket to ride it to the airport and back!




Here we go! IMG_1772

It was fun to watch the numbers tick up the faster we went! (I have a video coming soon of it in motion!)



This is what the world looks like when you ride! (ok, maybe not quite so dramatic. It actually didn’t feel as fast as it actually was. It was a smooth ride!)IMG_1780

We were beaten down by all the rain, and hungry and tired by this point… We made another unfortunate decision to grab some Micky D’s fries to tide us over.


I think this is my favorite picture of the whole trip. I am THAT tourist. Always with a tour book and a map in my hand. Irving thinks he’s funny taking a picture of me looking like a tourist… but he’s the one with the backpack and huge camera around his neck taking said picture. We make a great team. IMG_1813

We made our way back to our hotel on our own (I had our hotel names written out in Chinese before we left on the trip, so I could easily ask for directions everywhere we went!) We changed quickly and then headed out for the evening! We had tickets to see the Shanghai Acrobats that night, and we grabbed dinner at restaurants around there first. 

A nice salad for me (to balance out those fries!)

And a burger for the husband. IMG_1819

And then it was time for the show! We loved it! It was a less polished version of a Cirque du Solei show, but that actually made it more exciting to watch. The performers missed their marks a couple of times, but that made you realize how real it was. It made us respect the art a little bit more because you see how hard it is! A fun night for sure!

The show started 12 minutes AHEAD of time, so half the audience wasn’t even seated yet when it began! I’ve never seen that happen before. haha There were all kinds of strange social norms we noticed in China. That’s what makes traveling so fun, observing cultures in different environments. It was a fun night.

As soon as the show was over, we knew we wanted to try to catch the Shanghai Light Show on the water. It was cutting it close, but we decided to risk taking public transportation down there thinking it might be faster than taking our tour bus + cab there. It was a fun experiment, but we got there at the same time as everyone else, so it was a draw. We later found out the show had ended a half hour earlier, we wouldn’t have made it anyways. Bummer!!! IMG_1821


And it was still raining and foggy, it just wasn’t meant to be this time. We took in some of the sights anyways before heading off to bed. IMG_1837




I’ll be back again someday, Shanghai. Leave those lights on for me!


The Third Decade August 15, 2013

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Today, I leave the 20’s behind and enter into the land of the 30s. I spent the last day of my twenties sick in bed, which is not exactly how I pictured it, but hopefully that means the next decade will be full of health and (even more) happiness.

And now, a look back at my twenties. It will be a tough decade to top!


  • I interned at Frontline (PBS) and worked at WHDH (NBC) in Boston
  • Had an apartment in Boston
  • Attended Emerson College
  • Road-tripped with some friends down to Florida
  • Vacationed in Hawaii with Irving


  • Studied for a semester in Los Angeles
  • Interned at Entertainment Tonight
  • Drove across the country in a mini van with Irving and moved to Los Angeles
  • Lived in an apartment in the heart of Downtown Hollywood
  • Got a job in the television industry and fulfilled a lifetime dream of working in LA
  • Attended the Oscars and interviewed stars on the red carpet
  • Bought a Car







  • Celebrated 10 Years Cancer-Free
  • Visited Egypt & Dubai



  • Jumped into Motherhood and became a working parent
  • Visited Florida and Hawaii
  • Watched my daughter turn One!

Film Shoot Photoshoot (7)

The past 10 years were good to me and though I’m sad to leave it behind, I’m excited to see what’s next. Onward and upward!

Happy Birthday to me!!


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