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Las Vegas Half Marathon – 2006 December 10, 2006

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Las Vegas Half Marathon
December 10, 2006

Irving and I stayed with our friends, Alex and Etai at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We were super excited. The night before the race, we had dinner at the Rio Buffet. It was so good. We made sure to eat a lot of carbs! (Is Chocolate Gelato a carb?)

Our awesome hotel: Mandalay Bay!

The Luxor

The view of the Mandalay Pools from our 31st Floor Window!

Look how high up we are! Irving enjoys the view.

Etai, Shiri, Galen, Irving, Me and Alex at the Rio Buffet!


Alex in the Casino in full running attire!

The Morning of the Race:

Chely, me and Irving in our Hotel room before the race. (Irving is totally pumped up!) And it’s only 4:30am!

Blue Man Group Performed at the Starting Line!

16,000 Runners Take Off!

It was so cold!!! We had Ear Muffs on!

Fireworks at the Start Line!

Our Hotel from the Start Line!

Etai had a bad cold, and he still ran! What a trooper!

The Three Muskateers!! We’re such athletes!

It’s almost time!

Chely, Irving, Etai, Alex and me! We’re so ready to go!

Blue Man Group at the Starting Line!

Here are some race pics!

The Starting Line

Elvis is still alive….all 12 of them!

So Beautiful!

Me in the Fremont Street Experience!

Fremont Street Experience!

Whatever you do, don’t go right!

Irving on the Course!


The world’s biggest Run-Through Wedding Chapel!

Look at Irving Run!!!! (how did I let him beat me?)


The Finish Line!

We finished in 2:56… a personal best for me! YAY!


Here, you can see my pace… the higher those lines, the slower I was… so in the middle, you can see the 3 miles where we walked, but for the most part, we maintained an 11-13 minute pace!

After the Race!
My reflection with my bib and medal, overlooking the finish line and the Post Race Area.

Our Hotel

We Finished!

Look how proud!

Other Vegas Pictures!

We Love Las Vegas!
The Mermaid in the Silverton Casino!!!! She’s real!


The Bellagio Gardens, all decked out for Christmas!

Look at all the Roses!

I love this Picture! Look at the Pointsetters!

The Polar Bears are made out of white Carnations!

That’s a lot of flowers!

So amazing!

These are all cranberries floating in there!!!!

Also in Vegas this week, were the actual Cars and Getaway clothes that Bonnie and Clyde wore when they got captured! Check out the bullet holes in the car!