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Adele’s 2nd Halloween November 8, 2013

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Adele was the most adorable soccer ball for Halloween this year. (Remember the sneak peek from a few months back?) It was too cute not to make it her official costume.



The leg warmers are my favorite part!

We had a two-week long celebration of Halloween this year. Starting with the Pumpkin Patch, then we had a pumpkin decorating party, a school party, a visit to a local ‘haunted’ house for kids (twice!), a party with her friends in the park… and of course Trick-or-Treating!

We had some friends over for pizza and then we headed out into the neighborhood. (PS, I spy Adele’s first face painting!)

I’m loving these itty bitty pony tails lately!!! I sneak them in while she’s brushing her teeth.

We suited up all the kids and packed up to head out into the neighborhood!

I’m sure Adele didn’t really understand what it meant to ‘trick or treat’, but she sure loved getting out of the stroller to walk up to people’s houses!

She was an expert trick-or-treater by the end. It was pitch black and we noticed she was being unusually quiet… and then we realized she had been poking around in her pumpkin and was happily munching on a tootsie pop. oh boy! You couldn’t claw that thing out of her hands if you tried!

I wasn’t going to let her sample any of her candy this year, but someone (ahem–daddy) slipped her a kitkat bar and I think she just about died. This was her first time tasting real chocolate and she was SO excited. Irving asked for a bite and she very firmly said “NO!” and shoved it in her mouth. That’s mama’s girl, right there.

We let her out a few more times because it was just so stinkin’ cute to watch. She proudly paraded up to the front of the line (yes, there are LINES here!) and held out her pumpkin.

She surprised us with how brave she is. She wasn’t fazed by anything! She was pretty fascinated by this guy!

Lots of lights, fog, kids, costumes and candy to look at! Adele probably thought this was the strangest evening walk she’s ever been on!


On Saturday, we had a ‘Post Halloween’ party with some (uh, 26!) of Adele’s little friends! It was a potluck and it was a blast!


The kids came in costume, stole cookies from the table and played with each other’s toys.


The moms don’t even get to talk anymore because we’re all chasing after runaway toddlers!
IMG_1798{this face!}

I somehow got Adele to sit long enough for ONE ‘official’ halloween picture.

I had plans to put Mr. Pumpkin back into storage til next year, but it has become Adele’s new favorite accessory. She puts toys and food in it, throws it over her shoulder and goes “bye!” like she’s walking out the door to go shopping or something. Ok. Pumpkin can stay a little longer. But I draw the line at the day we get our Christmas tree (which I secretly hope is sooner rather than later!) Bring on the holidays!


Trick-Or-Treat October 31, 2013

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This weekend, I tried to get some photos of Adele in her “Trick-or-Treat” shirt I got for $3 on clearance last year! I bought it right after October and I remember looking at it thinking “18 months… it looks HUGE, that’s never going to fit her next year!” And here we are one year later… and it fits.


I tried to take some with the same props as my Pumpkin Photoshoot last year

But most of my photos ended up looking like this… ah, what a difference a year can make.



After getting a little frustrated, we headed up to the roof instead. Here are a few lot of pictures starring Adele and her Pumpkin. Guest starring: a half-eaten string cheese.


High Five for getting a bow in her hair! The trick is to distract her so she doesn’t know it’s there. Who says there aren’t tricks on Halloween. 
I dropped her string cheese in the pumpkin to get these cute shots. HAHA IMG_1603




She’s all like, forget this. If you’re going to hide my string cheese, I’m outta here.IMG_1553

Let’s interrupt this montage with a photo from last week’s “Pumpkin Decorating” party! Love this!

Ok, back to hair bows and pumpkins.

Everyone loves a little Baby+Pumpkin photobomb post, right?
Love this one!

Happy Halloween!!!!
Costume photos coming soon!!!!


Halloween in the Park November 2, 2012

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Halloween was awesome. Dressing up Adele was just as much fun as I thought it would be. She looked so cute! Although Irving still insisted that Aliens don’t have fur, so she wore her costume inside out all day. We can agree to disagree there. =)


Our Halloween started out in the park where we met up with a bunch of other babies in costume (all under four months old!) On my maternity leave, I got a few girls together each week to let our babies lounge under the trees in the park. Now the group has grown to almost 30! I miss it!

Our awesome mama friend Melissa took each baby’s picture and then made a photoshop quilt out of it. How cool! Thank you, Melissa! These babies are too cute!

Ok, Adele was an Alien — more accurately, a Martian. So what were mommy and daddy?

Daddy dressed up as the NASA JPL scientist with the mohawk! I have to find a  better picture, he even ironed on some logos to his shirt, it was awesome!

haha remember that guy?

Photo courtesy of Beth!

And what did I go as?

Mikayla is not impressed!

Maybe the pose will help:

I even bought an authentic US Olympics patch and sewed that and the American flag onto my jacket to match.

HAHA annnyways, to top it all off, we made our stroller into the Mars Rover! It was fun. Irving did a great job. The sides even had Nasa logos on the side.

Some kid said it looked like Wall-E, which is even funnier because Wall-E was designed to look like the Mars Rover. Ha! Even if Mikayla was not impressed, I think Adele was!

She had so much fun hanging out with her friends. Hi Emery!

Hi Elliott!

We had such a great time hanging out with everyone. We had a huge potluck table too with all kinds of goodies. I made my mom’s buffalo chicken dip! The weather was perfect, the company was great and the babies really enjoyed themselves. All of them were so happy and cute in their costumes. I’m so lucky that Adele made us such nice friends!

Stay tuned for Halloween Part II: Trick or Treating!



Halloween! October 31, 2012

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Happy Halloween!We went to THREE Halloween-related events today.

Our day started with a gathering of babies in a local park. Each one dressed up for the occasion (so cute!) Followed by a Halloween Party at my work. And we ended it all with a FOUR HOUR trick-or-treat extravaganza.

I now have a stroller sitting in my kitchen, Halloween costumes on the floor, no clean bottles for tomorrow and a baby who is now fighting sleep at 11pm (though she did nap through our entire trick-or-treat walk). We are completely exhausted, but it was all worth it. So so worth it.

Pictures and stories to come. But for now, I think she’s asleep, so that means I am too! Night!


The Alien-Monster

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Here it is. Adele’s big Halloween Costume debut. I had no idea that thinking of a costume for your kid was so much pressure! We went back and forth on a few things and ultimately decided to make her the alien from Toy Story. But then I found this shirt at Target that makes her look like a monster. (Or as my mom pointed out, The Grinch).

Irving told me that Aliens don’t have hair– to which I replied “how do you know?”. So there you have it. Adele is an Alien-Monster for her first Halloween. I’m sure we’ll get lots of “What a cute little boy” comments, but we think she is SO cute in it anyways. She has her whole life to wear Princess dresses.
Hat was custom made on Etsy and can be found here!

Adele is taking her role as “Alien-Monster” seriously. As seen in this rare, behind the scenes video.


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