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Our First Anniversary!! July 11, 2010

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I just can’t believe that it’s been a year since our wedding. And what an amazing year it was!

Happy Anniversary, darling! I love you! 
IMG_0329 1

Rather than flood all my posts with last year’s wedding festivities, here are few posts I just put up to recap parts of it!!!

Disclaimer: Most (not all) photos are © HinkleyPhoto (even the ones with the watermark).



Wedding Recap: Reception July 11, 2009

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Ladies and Gentlemen, as the first time as Mr. and Mrs: Kelley and Irving!

Our first dance…the song was “Everything Else Disappears” by Sister Hazel.




Dancing! There are wayyyyy too many photos to post, but the party was hopping!

We also had a photobooth that HinkleyPhoto set up! It was a hit!

I had this photo planned the minute I found out about the photobooth. lol
IMG_0463 IMG_0465



Band: Clockwork Boston (highly recommended)


Wedding Recap: Paper

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The paper elements were all DIY. I worked with a friend to come up with the design for the invitations and save the dates and we printed them ourselves.

Each of our paper products contained this image in some shape or form:
__Picture 1

Here were the supplies…

Chicago_Sept08 001

They were printed on paper, then mounted on brown and then teal cardstock (from Papersource).

See that little jewel in the upper left hand corner? That was my idea. They needed a little bling! I bought some “diva” iron on jewels and with tweezers, applied them to each one.

We bought a kit at Target, but basically threw everything away except for the envelopes.

The pieces:
The actual invitation:
invites 002
Response card:
invites 003

All put together:
invites 001 
  invites 006
Yes, I invited the President. He actually wrote back with a congratulatory note too!


IMG_2464   invites 009    


The Back: (I made custom stickers to seal them with).

invites 008

There they are going off to the post office! (I totally asked a stranger to take this picture!)

We made our own cards to ask our friends to be in the bridal party.


Groomsmaid! (Irving designed and created this card all on his own!
Chicago_April_08 088

EJ was on Irving’s side, so we made up the term “Groomsmaid”. haha

Chicago_April_08 087

Everything else for the wedding was coordinated to match our invitations:
-Rehearsal Dinner Menus
-Out of Town Welcome Letter
-Place Cards
-Table Numbers

IMG_0244 IMG_0248
-Drink Menus
-Welcome Banner for Ballroom
-Card Box
Shower_Bach_WeekendApril09 123


Wedding Recap: BBQ & Jetski Party!

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We really wanted to throw a fun party for our bridal party and family before the main event. And we definitely wanted to take full advantage of the lake while we were there.

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0888


The sisters photoshoot!

We got some Omaha Steaks meat and we just grilled up a storm!
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0897


Some of the ladies:
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0903


Look at the size of this cheese puff!


A BBQ party was the perfect idea, we also rented two jetskis for the afternoon to play around with!

In order to drive them, we had to pass the New Hampshire boating test! This was so stressful! I studied for days for it! Even before we left California!!! But luckily we passed!

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0851

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0864

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0868
IMG_9541 IMG_9563

We framed this one in our house, I love the veil flying in the wind!



I ordered a “Grooms Cake” for Irving… It was supposed to be Teal and Brown….
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0869

Oh well, it still tasted good!
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0872

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0889

We just Loved this sign!!!!

After the BBQ, we invited our friends to camp with us in a few cabins that we rented!!! This was definitely one of the best nights of my whole life. Just to be able to hang out with everyone meant so much to us.

We picked up some pizzas:

Honeymoon 036
Don’t you love the teal and brown plates!

And we just played games all night long!
Honeymoon 038 
Spoons! (Teal spoons, might I add!)
Honeymoon 039

The girls had fun goofing around!
photo2 photo3

photo4 photo5

I think all of our giggling forced the boys outside. HAHA

What a great day/night!


Wedding Recap: Ceremony & Cocktail Hour

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All lined up and ready to walk down the aisle!
Mom Julie Reception & Wedding 029 (2) 

One by one the girls were going out, then all of a sudden, it was my turn!
IMG_9918 1

I hadn’t seen or talked to Irving all day, and I couldn’t wait to get down there to see him.
IMG_9934 1

He was so handsome!!

We each wrote our own vows, and once we started saying them, we realized how similiar they were!
I love this photo because it captures how much fun we were having up there.
IMG_9958 1

Then it was time to “Kiss the Bride”!!
IMG_9997 1

IMG_0007 1-Edit

We’re married! (See the trail of bridal party coming after us? lol)
IMG_0015 1

We walked around and took some photos on the dock:
IMG_0056 1-Edit

And then a few on our own:
 IMG_0070 1 IMG_0315 1 IMG_0217-Edit  

IMG_0175 1

When we came back from photos, everyone was waiting for us at the cocktail hour!

We had a signature Cocktail that we named the ‘Blue Lagoon’. It’s teal, so it matched… and it played on our Honeymoon to the Blue Lagoon!



IMG_0238 1

Now it’s time for the party to begin!


Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

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After the Run with the Bride, I headed over to the Inn that we rented down the road. It was so fun to have a whole inn just for us. It was a relaxing morning for the most part.

I definitely do not recommend my hair and makeup stylists. It was the worst vendor that we worked with. They were rude, disrespectful and they ripped me off… if you want more details, email me.

But let’s focus on the fun stuff, shall we?

Irving gave me a present!

I think I was shocked when all the girls came out of the room together. They looked amazing and I was just in awe. 🙂

Then it was time for hair…


Everything was great until it was time for the veil!

It wouldn’t stay in my hair!! And she left before it was fixed. There may have been tears. HAHA

(I love how annoyed I am in this picture. HAHA)
How many bridesmaids does it take to fix a veil?
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1016

All of them!
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1012

But finally it was fixed and we could move on…. until a Bee flew up my dress!!
It was in between the lace and the satin and it couldn’t get out! I just screamed at the top of my lungs: “DADDYYYYYYYY!”

And he came over and got it out. HAHA
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1050

There. Now I’m ready. HA
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1044

Meanwhile, Irving was getting ready too!
IMG_9734 1

IMG_9746 1-Edit 

He got the phonecall that he had to leave the room (so I could hang out there before the wedding). We didn’t see each other until I walked down the aisle.
IMG_9757 1

We hung out there til it was time! I got a phonecall from our wedding coordinator. She said, “Kelley, time to go get married!”

So we jumped in the elevator and lined up…


our wedding was about to begin!


Wedding Recap: Bachelorette Party!

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Just a few short hours after my East Coast Shower, I was told we were doing a family dinner. I was so excited to spend time with my family. I got all dressed up. So did everyone else! The plan was to pick Mikaela up first and then head out.

But when I got to Mikaela’s house, I was surprised once again!

All my friends had gotten together for (what I thought) was a cocktail party!

We had so much fun killing a few bottles of wine!



I thought it was perfect…. but then they told me that “our ride was here”.

Clearly I was incredibly surprised and excited!!

Irving couldn’t come though….girls only! 

They got a LIMO!

CIMG4063  CIMG4066 CIMG4067

The bride with the maid of honors!

We had an amazing dinner!



The girls all lined up!


Then spent the whole night jumping from bar to bar!

CIMG4081       CIMG4077 CIMG4079 

Thanks girls for the AMAZING night that I will never forget!!!!




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