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Adventures in New England October 24, 2013

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Here’s a smorgasbord of pictures from our trip back east a few weeks ago. We had awesome New England Fall weather. It makes sense why Bostonians talk about the weather all the time. After brutal winters and scorching summers, you learn to really appreciate those perfect fall days like we had!
The bride to be and I!

A few family pictures too:
DSCN0758In the words of Adele: Bubble, Bubble, Bubbles, BUBBLES!!!!


She also enjoyed a helicopter ride with Grandpa too! Lucky girl!

Hi Gizmo (or as Adele says: Mo Mo)

Dress up!

Fun Fact: When Mikaela was little, all she wanted was a ‘boy doll’ and a ‘double baby stroller’. So for Christmas one year, she got “Brian” (who is actually the same size as Adele haha) and a purple double stroller. Now 25 years later, Adele and Brian have become BFFs.

Adele takes good care of Brian. Eat your peas, Brian!

Oh… and just for fun… here’s a pictures of my Friendly’s Ice Cream we got one night. Yes please and thank you!

And no, I didn’t share a single bite with Adele. Or Brian.

Wish I could come back and visit in the fall every year! What a great trip!! See you next in the 18* snow storm, Boston! I’m cold already.


2013 Fall Festival of Love October 23, 2013

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It’s that time again! The Fall Festival of Love! Irving and I started this fun little fall tradition back in 2005!

A look back:
2005-2010 | 2011 | 2012

This year we carpooled with some friends and met up with a few more people there! Adele’s friend Claudia sat next to her in the car… and even brought toy remotes for them to play with. She thought that was awesome.

We checked out the animals for a while. The goats were a hit. We didn’t go into the petting zoo section, but that’s something I’d like to do with Adele soon!

Then we found the hay bale pyramid. I didn’t think they’d be too into it, but they wanted to climb to the top, so we indulged them.

Um… where did my baby go?

Up and down, up and down…

Even though it was a million degrees out, we headed to the pumpkin patch for some more photos.


That tongue!

Little miss independent over there!
Hee hee, that tongue again!

Can’t believe last year, she couldn’t even sit up without propping her up with pumpkins!

And this year, she’s walking around!

Miraculously, we got one great family photo! Not easy these days with a curious squirmy toddler!

Some more photos from the day!
Oh hey, new haircut!
And my absolute favorite photo from the day! Love this girl.

We came home with two cute sugar pumpkins and one mini baby pumpkin (half the size of the one she’s holding above). She’s been carrying the baby pumpkin around with her everywhere lately. It came with us in the car on the way to daycare this week. She’s a fan of fall too! Just like her mama!



The Pumpkin Photoshoot October 23, 2012

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My mom recently sent me some pictures me with my first pumpkin 29 years ago.
Scan_Pic0001 (7)

So of course, that means that I have to make the EXACT SAME picture for Adele too!

Which sparked a photoshoot of course. But Adele tried to eat the leaves, so we had to move the props out of the way.





Adele wanted the leaves back, so I let her play.

But then she tried to eat them again so we took them away…again.
Thanks for my new shirt, Grammie!

New folder

And if you’re wondering. This is what a photoshoot with a 4.5 month old baby looks like. =)


My Little Pumpkin October 19, 2012

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Yep, more Fall Festival of Love posts. What can I say, I look forward to this day all year long.



Pumpkins are cool… but throw in some hay, and it’s the most fun ever!







Three cheers for Pumpkins!

This face kills me. Why is she so funny?

Whoo hoo! More Hay!

Next year, we’ll be chasing her all over that pumpkin patch!

Fall Festival of Love: 2012. You did not disaappoint.






Help! Lost in the Corn Maze! October 18, 2012

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The Corn Maze at Underwood Farms is CRAZZZZY! It’s so hard! Luckily the all-you-can-eat Watermelon slush gave me the will-power to actually make it all the way through this year.

Adele was mesmerized by the corn stalks. I think she quite enjoyed it!

The end of the maze is a giant Hay Pyramid. Guess who climbed to the top?


This little kid Rules. He has a corn stalk torch! He’s awesome.

Then I climbed to the top too. Cause I’m adventurous like that.

Erica climbed up with me. haha I love things that remind me of being a kid again.


More Fall Cuteness coming tomorrow!


Adele’s First Fall Festival of Love! October 17, 2012

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Irving and I started a tradition in 2005 where we visit a farm in LA each year and call it the “Fall Festival of Love”. It’s a fun excuse to get out of the city and experience a bit of ‘the country’ for a day. Last year when we went, we had just found out we were pregnant!

This is me recreating what my big belly looked like just four months ago!


I remember thinking how fun it would be ‘a year from now’ when our baby was here with us! Crazy what a difference a year can make!

Of course, the day we went, it was 90+ degrees out and it most definitely didn’t feel like fall (so annoying). But we made the most of it. It was an awesome day.

Stuff like this is so much fun as an adult, but to experience it with a baby too gives it a whole new meaning. I was SO excited to show Adele the pumpkins and look at the farm animals. I’m sure it will only be more fun the older she gets too.
We are so lucky to have such an easy-going baby. Despite the super hot weather, Adele was a champ and seemed happy no matter where we put her.

Can’t quite sit up yet. haha whoops!

She was fascinated by the pumpkins. She’s so curious about everything!

I love these shots of Adele with her daddy.

Hey, mom was here too!

I’m so excited to create memories for Adele. I know she won’t really remember these things we’re doing now since she’s too little, but I want to establish the tradition of doing fun family things.

Some of these cute photos are courtesy of Erica!

I can promise a few more Adele-In-The-Pumpkins posts. Too many cute pictures for just one entry. Stay tuned!





The October Recap! November 3, 2011

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Hi friends! Sorry, I know it’s been a few weeks since blogging last! I’m here! We’ve just been insanely busy. We haven’t been home for more than two weekends in a row since the beginning of June. Now that it’s November, it’s starting to catch up with me. I’m excited to stay put for a couple of weeks now.

But let’s rewind. Back on October 22, we went with our friends Janet and Noah (and baby) and Erika and Timmy (and baby) to a pumpkin patch up in Simi Valley. Irving and I started this tradition years ago and called it “The Fall Festival of Love”.

We had a great time walking around the farm and seeing all the animals. They had all kinds of animals to look at and feed.

Even though it’s 90* in LA, who says you can’t at least pretend it’s fall here?


We attempted to find our way out of the corn maze, but six adults and two kids wasn’t enough to figure it out. We got lost for half an hour and then decided to walk back out the entrance in favor of grabbing lunch instead. HAHA Maybe next year!

We had a GREAT time with our friends enjoying the morning together.  (PS. why didn’t we get a group picture?!)

One weekend later, we took the Amtrak train down to San Diego to meet up with Jake and Janie (Irving’s aunt and uncle). We spent the weekend relaxing by the pool, taking walks along the beach and exploring Coronado Island. (I know, tough life, right?)

While New England was getting a blizzard, we were napping poolside. My mom and sister kept texting me pictures of the snow.
(I know it was mean, but I texted back a picture of a palm tree). haha

The rest of our weekend was spent watching this guy. He talked back to us and mimicked our actions, it was so cool!

Finally, Halloween night was a BLAST. We had some friends over and hung out before walking around the neighborhood.
IMG_0685 IMG_0684

Doesn’t your trick-or-treat night look like this?

There were parties in the streets, DJs spinning in front yards, haunted houses to enter and plenty of awesome decorations to see.


This guy had a whole pirate ship in his front yard!

We had so much fun walking around with our friends. We were out for two hours and could have done a couple more, but we were getting tired.

So there you have it. The cliff-notes version of where we’ve been for the past few weeks. Regular blogging should return soon.

The winner of the Football Snacks giveaway is Janie! I’ll notify you via email. Thanks!


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