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Dip Those Piggies in the Lake! August 30, 2012

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On Sunday, Irving, Adele, my grandfather and I drove up to the Lake! I had been looking forward to this for SO long! I grew up spending summers up there. And it’s the same lake we got married at.

Adele got to wear her first bathing suit!! Swoon!



She loved sitting near the waters edge. I think the waves were like white noise to her. She was so content watching them.

Daddy jumped into the lake right away.

And we watched him from the shore.



And then it was time to dip those piggies in the water!!


We thought she’d hate it, but she LOOOVED it!! We kept inching her further and further in until she was up to her neck! She was kicking and smiling. I officially have a water baby!! YAY!!


Looks like I should start looking into swimming lessons!


After all that excitement, she took a nice nap with dad. What a gorgeous morning.


The 2nd Annual Wedding Picture Recreation Day July 28, 2011

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The last day up at the lake. =( But we were determined to make the best of it. Waking up to a view like this was pretty incredible. Kelley Pix (192)

On another note… my grandfather can do more  pull-ups than me… I couldn’t even do one, but that’s besides the point. Kelley Pix (194)

Irving’s #1 goal for the week was going back to the diner we we visited last year so that he could have his biscuits and gravy. Who am I to deny the boy some home cookin’ in New England, right?
Kelley Pix (195)

I wanted to do our annual photoshoot at the place we got married. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I walked down the aisle there!
Kelley Pix (198)

I had a willing photographer, so we snapped a few pictures to recreate our special day!Kelley Pix (197)

IMG_0213 1

Kelley Pix (199)


IMG_0175 1

These guys were such troopers in the heat so I could get some pictures. ❤
Kelley Pix (201)

Kelley Pix (203)

Kelley Pix (206)

Kelley Pix (207)

Awe, I still consider myself a newlywed. When does that ever wear off?

Kelley Pix (208)

In the afternoon, I opted for one last swim in the lake.
Kelley Pix (210)

Til next year…

Kelley Pix (213)

Goodbye for now, boats! Hope you have a great rest of the summer!
Kelley Pix (214)

On our way out, we saw a mommy duck with SEVEN little ducklings. They were so cute!! Kelley Pix (223)


9 Years Ago Today…

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My mom sent me these pictures today and was very excited that they were taken 9 years ago today. My friends and I were up in New Hampshire for a weekend and decided to hike up the Flume Gorge.

Irving and I went with my mom and three of my best friends: Sean, Erika and Billy!

I remember hiking and looking at the waterfalls and having a great time.

It wasn’t until I moved away that I realized how much awesome stuff there is to do in New England. I can’t wait to take my future kids back through some day and see all of it again.


Look how young we are here! I was only 18!

Haha, if you look at my hand, I have a ring on my middle finger. Who would have know that just a few years later, I would have one on my ring finger!!


PS. Also on this trip, we saw The Old Man in the Mountain! Not too much later, it actually fell off! I’m glad I got to see it while it was still there!


My declaration of love for the Lake!

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Early the next morning, we agreed to play doubles tennis with Papa and his friend. I’m really no good at tennis at all, so I was a little scared to play.
Kelley Pix (106)

But Irving’s pretty good, so what’s the worst that could happen.
Kelley Pix (107)

I think I hit 95% of all the balls over the fence. Luckily we had two little kids hanging out with us that would run around and find my lost balls. lol (kidding. kind of).
Kelley Pix (109)

BAHAHA. This is what I look like when I’m trying to serve. I should go pro.
Kelley Pix (110)

I think Irving realized right away how bad I am at playing. He was pretty much carrying our team. Well I think he got a little overly competitive and just as I was running to hit the ball, all of a sudden Irving was underneath me skidding on the ground! His arm AND leg were bleeding. Oy vey.
Kelley Pix (111)

It would have made for a much better story if he’d actually made a point on his attempt, but sadly, that was not the case.

But, the cool part is that Irving’s skin was smeared across the court. See those white marks there? Yep. Kelley Pix (118)

Needless to say, we switched partners after that and I played on Papa’s team.
Kelley Pix (112)

We still lost, but that was entirely my fault, he’s pretty good.
Kelley Pix (119)

Kelley Pix (120)

Papa was a Dentist and Grammie was a Nurse, so between the two of them, they got Irving patched up pretty good.
Kelley Pix (122)

Guess what we did for the rest of the day!
Kelley Pix (127)

Only this time, we had company! My cousins came to play with us too!
Kelley Pix (128)

Sisters by the beach!
Kelley Pix (124)

My happy place.
Kelley Pix (129)


In the afternoon, we decided to take lunch on the road boat.

Three generations of lake-lovers!
Kelley Pix (135)

Mother and daughter.
Kelley Pix (130)


The captain and my aunt!


Kelley Pix (170)

The boys did a bit of tubing too! It didn’t take long to flip them!
Kelley Pix (132)

Then Irving went, despite his battle wounds. He had a taped up gauze pad on his arm too!
Kelley Pix (142)

Kelley Pix (139)

And into the water!
Kelley Pix (143)

There was scorching heat last week, so the lake breeze and crisp water was welcomed!
Kelley Pix (147)

Kelley Pix (146)

Then we anchored the boat near a trailhead and everyone got off to picnic on land. But Grammie and I decided to stay on the boat and munch on the water. (I ended up skipping the diet coke!)
Kelley Pix (154)

Everyone else dined in the woods.

And after they were done eating, they found some wild blueberries growing nearby!
Kelley Pix (157)

They brought us a few handfuls to eat on the boat too!
Kelley Pix (158)

For the next two hours, the boys played in the water…
Kelley Pix (164)

My grandparents read and napped on board…
Kelley Pix (165)

And my mom and I floated on the raft chit-chatting!
DSCN0784Kelley Pix (167)

Then the boat ride continued! We passed Bear Island along the way. Check out their little post office! A mail boat delivers the mail daily!
Kelley Pix (173)

Also on the island is a huge sleepaway camp for kids. My mom went there for many years when she was a kid. And then she went back as a counselor later on. Irving and I decided that whether they like it or not, our kids will be going to the camp. They must grow up knowing this lake. They don’t really have a choice. We’ll fly them there for two weeks every summer. Smile I’m already excited for parents weekend. BAHAHA.

Kelley Pix (171)

I sat in the front, closed my eyes, and just felt the breeze on my face, and the sun on my shoulders, and the mist of the waves splashing up as we drove. This image right here is my own personal heaven.
Kelley Pix (169)

When we were almost back to the dock, our tube blew off the back! We had to circle back around to get it!
Kelley Pix (181)

I think there was more card games and dominos played in the evening, and then we ventured on foot to get some Ice Cream at the Kellerhaus! Dollar Cone Wednesdays! What, what!?
Kelley Pix (189)

Don’t worry, we walked a mile there and a mile back… so that makes the calories free, right?

I’d like to say that after this trip I swore off ice cream for a while, but I already broke my streak by getting a Menchie’s yesterday. Someone save me!

Where is your happy place? Did you go to camp as a kid?


Swim To the Pier!! July 27, 2011

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Day two at the lake included lots of…well, swimming in the lake!! Seriously, the water is crisp, clean and fresh and you actually feel cleaner coming out of it. (Don’t worry, I still showered… sometimes).


For the past ten summers that Irving’s been coming to the lake with me, he’s been DYING to swim to the pier. Of course, you really can’t do that since it has heavy boat traffic, but he still wanted to swim as far as he could.


My mom is a really good swimmer (she used to teach and swim competitively!) So she and Irving swam away. I’m a pretty good swimmer, but my endurance isn’t that great right now. So Chris and I grabbed a fun noodle and tried to catch up!Kelley Pix (91)

Once we got there, I gave Irving my noodle and swam back completely unassisted! Swim for the win! I’m paranoid about touching the slimy rocks on the bottom, so it forced me to keep kicking!
Kelley Pix (92)

Kelley Pix (93)

Per summer vacation rules, lunch was served on paper plates right on the beach! (Chicken Parm Leftovers! YAY!)

Fun fact: Those blue napkins are from our bachelorette party on the lake!Kelley Pix (95)

I’m not sure what we did between lunch and dinner… probably reading, swimming, reading, swimming.

And then we eat again! Do you ever feel like that’s all you do on vacation is eat? At least the company was good! Beers for the boys!Kelley Pix (97)

They were working hard out there in the heat!Kelley Pix (98)

These guys are soul mates. Seriously. They’re so funny when they get together. Maybe they’ll be brother-in-laws someday (no pressure!)Kelley Pix (101)

Irving and Papa!Kelley Pix (102)

After dinner, we went for an evening walk to burn off some of our eats from the week.

I’d walk more often if my route looked like this! How pretty is that channel. IMG_6410

This is Irving and my dream boat. It’s a Speedster. A mix between a jetski and a boat. Looks like so much fun!

I used one walk to justify a whole day of eating… and then rewarded myself with ice cream. Healthy living? What healthy living?
Kelley Pix (103)

What a perfect, relaxing day. Everything about it was just perfect. 🙂


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