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St. Louis: Forest Park September 10, 2013

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One of our ‘must sees’ on our St. Louis to-do list was to visit all the attractions in Forest Park. The park became famous in 1904 after hosting both the Summer Olympics AND the 1904 World’s Fair (aka: The Louisiana Purchase Exposition).

Most of the World’s Fair buildings no longer exist anymore (it would have been too expensive to build them for long-term use). But you can still feel the history there.
This pavilion was built decades after the World’s Fair, but it commemorates the big event. That 1904 exposition was the first time the world had seen an ice cream cone, hamburgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, Dr. Pepper, peanut butter and iced tea. <—all my favorite things!


Look! A map of the Louisiana Purchase!
More history! We were in nerd heaven!

Also in the park is the Saint Louis Art Museum.
Oh, hey Mr. Saint Louis!

We only had a little bit of time, so we grabbed a map at the front desk and set off to find all the important pieces. We got to see some Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock and Matisse.


I also saw this piece again. I think this is my 3rd time seeing this one (unless there are multiple versions of it?) It’s by El Anatsui. I like it, it’s made out of liquor bottle tops.

After our quick jaunt around the museum, we hopped back in the car to drive over to the Jewel Box. It’s an art deco greenhouse in the park.





And the last thing we did in the park was visit the Zoo! It’s free, why not! It was really hot and we were getting hungry, so we only did a quick loop around. It was a really great zoo, someday, i’ll have to go back with Adele!


Forest Park gets an A+ in my book. It’s bigger than Central Park and so beautiful and clean!


The Park Thru a 50mm Lens April 16, 2013

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We had a lot of fun playing with our new 50mm camera lens this weekend! Here are a few snapshots from Saturday!





IMG_1340Love the wind blowing her hair to the side in this one! ha!


Ride em’ Cowboy!

More to come!


Half Day, Fun Day February 20, 2013

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I got out of work early last Friday and I was determined to maximize the ‘fun’ in the day as a result. I zipped home and had lunch with Irving and then I went to pick Adele up from daycare! She was surprised to see me in the middle of the day, but she looked pretty stoked. I left my car parked on the street and I strapped her into our jogging stroller and took off on a run!

I ran/jogged/walked for 45 minutes. My legs felt like lead. I have SO much endurance to build up before I really start half-marathon training again (next race is in November!) But I need to build my base back up to a solid 3 miles before I can dive in this summer.

Adele was cheering me on with her cooing until she fell asleep.

I think I covered 2.3 miles or so. Not bad for starting over. I can’t wait to turn the clocks back (ahead?) in a few weeks so I can go after work with her again.

After I was done, I transferred a still-sleepy baby into the car and we headed off to the park! (I was on a mission to maximize fun, remember?) I found a cute little baby park nearby that was bustling with babies, toddlers, parents and nannies. Adele loved to swing back and forth while watching other little ones running around.

And once we were all swinged-out, we walked right on over to the library! There’s a cute little children’s room with puzzles, toys and books to play with. We sat for a half hour or so and it was awesome. My heart was so full. I am so excited that Adele likes books.


I let her crawl over to the shelf and pull off a book and then I’d read whatever she picked to her. I ended up checking four board books out of the library. Admittedly, I get a little bored with the books we have sometimes, so it’s nice to switch it up. Plus it’s an excuse to re-read all my childhood favorites too. Madeleine in Paris, anyone?

And for our last adventure of the day, we went grocery shopping. (Believe me, doing groceries does not rank high on my “Fun” list, but with this little one in tow, it actually was fun). She loves looking at colors and people, so she was pretty much in heaven. I also let her play with a bag of shredded cheese and she was excited about that too.


And we did all this (a run, the park, the library and groceries) in about 3 hours. Still home in time for dinner, bath and crawling time. It is days like this where I look back and realize how fun being a mom is. Adele makes it easy on me, but I’m seriously just having a blast.


Swings N Things February 4, 2013

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Since Adele now loves swings so much, I’m a little obsessed with going to the park. On Saturday, we had a bunch of errands to run, so we googled around to find nearby parks and found a cute one in the area! After a picnic in the grass (including some Baby Mum Mums for Adele), we enjoyed swinging in the breeze!IMG_9613
(Side note: Adele had a cute dress on today, but I added pants once we were outside so she wouldn’t get cold!)

Anyways, back to the swings!








Dads can swing too, right? HAHAIMG_9607


I love this one, she’s like “Dad, where are you going??!!”IMG_9615



The perfect solo day… October 8, 2012

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Irving had a seminar to go to on Saturday, so it was just me and Adele all day. I was pretty excited though because I haven’t seen her much since I’ve been back to work. I was looking forward to some one-on-one time with my favorite girl.

My day started with a kiss on the forehead from Irving on his way out. I was still in bed and squeezed in a few more zzzz’s before I heard Adele stirring in her crib. At 7:30a, I went and got her and brought her back to bed with me. I nursed her and we both fell back asleep til 9am! It was so nice to snuggle up next to her and drift off back to sleep. I love lazy mornings.

Her new thing is sticking out her tongue. She thinks it’s so funny.

We played for a while while I had breakfast and checked my email. Then we headed out to run a few errands. I went to Michaels to pick up some fall décor for the house. Then bought a new pair of shoes!

Adele fell asleep while we were shopping so I took advantage and headed to the Olive Garden for lunch. Yesssss!
Soup & Salad for one! Yes Please!

Soon after, little miss woke up and wanted her lunch, so we headed to a park close by and she dined al fresco. Then we played outside for an hour and practiced sitting up.


And of course, more tongue-sticking-out action.

We were home by 2p and hung out some more while we waited for daddy. It was the PERFECT day. I said I was fine with going back to work full-time as long as we made the weekends count. And that’s exactly what we did!


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