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All Birthdays Should End with Gelato June 16, 2011

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Last night, for Irving’s Birthday, we took the celebration outside and headed out on a walk. There was some gorgeous evening sun, and it was nice to get some fresh air (I nixed my walk from work today in lieu of getting home sooner for his Birthday!)


It was nice to catch up and chit-chat. And find cute things like this to entertain us.IMG_5959

Eventually, we ended up at our destination: Ca Del Sole. It’s an Italian restaurant that I’ve been dying to eat at for quite a while. I love Italian food!

The menu was pretty authentic. You won’t find Buca Di Beppo quantities of pasta, but you will find really great, fresh, homemade food that you can’t find anywhere else. This menu made me really miss speaking Italian!

We started with some crusty bread, served with an olive tapenade.  IMG_5963

I could have dined on the bread alone. Delicious!IMG_5966IMG_5967

We were seated in a cabana style section, it was really cozy and fun. And nice to sit outside!

Irving ordered the short ribs risotto and also the veal tortellini!

And I ordered the Pumpkin Ravioli. It came out, and I remember thinking to myself “I’ll snap a picture of it once the waiter adds the fresh Parmesan cheese on top… and once he did, I started eating. It was too good. So this is the only picture of it that I got:

But the meal wasn’t over yet! There was still dessert yet to come! You can’t have a Birthday without dessert!!! Irving didn’t want me to tell the waitress that it was his birthday, but I couldn’t help it! It’s a very special day!


So our dessert came with a birthday candle. It was only appropriate!

Make a wish!

Nicely done. Hope all your dreams come true this year!IMG_5978

It was hazelnut gelato with an Italian pastry, drizzled with chocolate. Mmmm! IMG_5980

Date nights are fun!
IMG_5981A Happy Birthday Indeed

Happy Birthday, Irving!!!

PS… check out my guest post about how I accidentally got to visit London on Two Boos Who Eat‘s blog today!!


To my Husband… June 15, 2011

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But wait! We’re not over with the birthdays yet!!

It’s also my Husband’s Birthday! I’m so excited that this is the TENTH birthday I get to celebrate with him! (Gosh, I can hardly believe we’ve known each other for almost TEN years!) He’s a lucky guy….. wait, I mean I’m a lucky lady!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be married to this fella!
IMG_3660 (2)

So for every year I’ve known him, I present to you 10 reasons why he’s the greatest:

  1. He travels the world with me. And even let’s me choose the destinations most of the time!
  2. He makes the bed every. single. day.
  3. His flat-paneled computer monitor died this week and he TOOK IT APART and soldered new capacitors onto the motherboard and FIXED it! Whaaat?? (I know, those were some big words, I impressed even myself).
  4. He can eat a whole sleeve of cookies like nobody’s business. I know. He’s amazing.
  5. He tells me I am beautiful every day. And he holds my hand when we walk.
  6. He reads my blog. And my twitter.
  7. He’s coming with me to the BlogHer conference!!!!
  8. He loves soccer, golf and frisbee. Yea, we should go play frisbee outside this weekend!
  9. He thinks nothing of jumping in the car and driving eight hours to explore a new city.
  10. He laughs so heartily while watching the Norm MacDonald show on Comedy Central. That show is pretty funny actually.


So Happy Birthday, darling!
Irving_30thBirthday_Hornblower 009

Hope it’s a wonderful day for you!


30 Day Challenge–My Relationship May 9, 2011

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I saw a great list of blogging prompts recently (On Katy Widrick’s blog) and I thought it would be a great way to blast through some writers block. I don’t plan to do this in 30 consecutive days, but I will do them in order.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s to come:

On July 11, 2009, I married my husband, Irving. Our wedding was in New Hampshire and we just loved every minute. I replay the whole day in my head sometimes when I’m trying to fall asleep. It really was the best day week of my life.
IMG_0007 1-Edit

But our relationship wasn’t your typical ‘girl meets boy, falls in love, gets engaged and gets married’ story. Our courtship was eight years long, and three of those years were long distance. Here’s our story.

September 2001
We met during my first week at Emerson College. Our first encounter was at a party before classes even started. We didn’t really talk until a week after that, but my family rolled their eyes when I told them I’d already met a guy within the first week of school. Our first real ‘date’ was to dinner at Remington’s, a cute casual restaurant next to our dorm.

Summer 2002
Irving is from San Francisco, but he got a job in Boston for the summer so we could be closer. I was working long hours at a production company, but we saw each other as much as we could, stealing dinners here and there. It was an important summer for us both to grow. We supported each other and lived independently, it was as close as we ever got to actual ‘dating’.

Fall 2002
Irving moved to Los Angeles for his last semester at Emerson, while I continued in Boston. We talked on the phone a lot and he would tell me about all the fun things he was doing in LA. This set the foundation for the upcoming three years we’d be in different time zones. But since I was four years younger, we both needed the time to grow independently and make sure we were both following our dreams.

Spring 2003
I moved to Europe for a semester, and Irving moved to New York.  A 6-hour time difference was hard (and there were 75 kids in my program and only two phone lines)! But we sent lots of letters and emails. Irving also surprised me in Paris on Valentine’s Day!

Fall 2003 – Summer 2004
Irving continued to work in New York, and I focused on school in Boston. We’d see each other once a month or so with little weekend trips.
West Point (129)

Fall 2004
I moved to Los Angeles and Irving stayed in New York. We only saw each other twice in those four months (once in San Francisco and once in LA). Irving told me that if I loved LA as much as he did, he’d quit his job and move out west so we could finally live together.
Kel Irv Citywalk

January 2005
We pack up a minivan and drive cross country together to our new life in LA. We moved into a small 1 room apartment in Hollywood and lived it up. We may not have had jobs for three months or even a bed for a while, but we were together and ready to conquer the world.
we'ready to go

Spring 2006 – 2008
We bought a condo together, our careers were going well and we got used to life as a couple.

January 2008
We FINALLY get engaged! After being together for 7 years, Irving popped the question in Temecula, CA.

July 2009
We got married!

And the rest was history! We loved that we had a few years apart because it laid a strong foundation of communication and respect that we are grateful to have now. It’s been almost ten years since we met, and I’m so excited to see what other fun adventures are in store for us. Only time will tell!


(GUEST POST) 2010: A Golf Odyssey December 31, 2010

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Since the day Kelocity launched, Kelley has been asking me to provide a guest post.
This is my first.

There is nothing I love more than my wife.  Unfortunately, my work schedule last weekend kept us apart for the holiday.
With her braving the winter weather blast in Boston I took the opportunity to rendezvous with my other loves, travel and golf… not necessarily in that order.

But this wasn’t just a trip… it was an odyssey.
54 holes in 72 hours on some of the best courses in the West!

My mom didn’t want me to be alone for the holiday, so she tagged along.

Yellow & Black Golf Bag + Yellow & Black Travel Bag = 100% Intentional
Yellow & Black Golf Bag + Yellow & Black Travel Bag + Yellow & Black VW Beatle = 100% Luck… it was a rental car.
Golf Trip- Day 1 (2)

My first round was at Primm Valley Golf Club, just on the border of California and Nevada.
They have two courses, Desert and Lakes.  I played the Lakes course.

Warming up…
Golf Trip- Day 1 (4)

This was our view while we grabbed a bite to eat at the club house.  Stunning!
Golf Trip- Day 1 (7)

1st Tee.

Golf Trip- Day 1 (10)

Fantastic conditions on a fantastic course.

Golf Trip- Day 1 (12)

Golf Trip- Day 1 (16)

Golf Trip- Day 1 (18)

We stayed the first night in Las Vegas.

Day 2 (Christmas Day) was at Badlands Golf Course in Summerlin, just a few miles North West of the Las Vegas Strip.

Not only was the course amazing, so were the homes that looked down on it…
Golf Trip- Day 2 (8)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (11)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (20)

Stay focused Irving.  You are here to golf, not daydream.
Golf Trip- Day 2 (3)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (4)

Check out the view from the tee box.
It’s a long carry over the desert to hit the fairway, good thing I am focused.
Golf Trip- Day 2 (15)

After that shot, your travel down the path to find this…
The octagon building is a workout room.  Just past the workout room is a helicopter.
Golf Trip- Day 2 (16)

Wait, what?  A HELICOPTER?!?!
I thought about this for a while.  This guy has a helicopter parked in his backyard.
Truth is, if I had a home in Vegas on an amazing golf course… with a helicopter, I too would park it in the backyard.
I mean where else would you park it?  In the front yard?  That would be such an eyesore.

Golf Trip- Day 2 (18)

Oh no!  The temperature started to drop into the 60s, time to pull out the sweatshirt.
(I think this was they day that Kel called me to tell me she had to shovel snow twice.)
Golf Trip- Day 2 (29)

Golf Trip- Day 2 (34)

After the round we got in the car and drove to Mesquite, Nevada.

It’s about an hour North of Vegas just before you hit Arizona and Utah.

We stayed that night in Mesquite and woke up for an early round.
This was actually the course that I was most excited for.

Wolf Creek Golf Course in Mesquite is listed as one of the top 50 courses in the country.
Golf Trip- Day 3 (135)

It has been described as “the Disneyland of golf courses.”
And “the Pebble Beach of desert golf.”
I agree with both.

Just have a look at this place…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (97)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (127)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (74)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (2)

Time to warm up…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (20)

1st hole…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (22)

And here we go…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (23)

Here is the view from the back tee’s on the 2nd hole.

The fairway is over the ridge to the left side of this picture.
Look just right of center in this picture.  My mom is standing at the white tees, where I played from.

Golf Trip- Day 3 (5)

A closer look…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (33)

Here is the view from the white tees.

Golf Trip- Day 3 (30)

I’m going for it…
Golf Trip- Day 3 (6)

The conditions were perfect…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (40)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (15)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (27)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (58)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (104)

Here are two of the best Par 3 holes that I have ever played…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (53)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (69)

I have never seen views like this on a golf course…

Golf Trip- Day 3 (64)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (95)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (131)
Golf Trip- Day 3 (57)
Golf Trip- Day 3 (96)

Golf Trip- Day 3 (123)

This is about as close to other golfers that I got that day.
See them on the ridge?  That is a tee box!
Golf Trip- Day 3 (42)

What a way to end the year!
Have a very Happy New Year everyone.  See you in 2011!


Universal Studios Backlot 5K December 5, 2010

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This morning, Irving and I got up at 6am to run walk the ‘Say No to Drugs’ 5K. This year, the race was held at the Universal Studios backlot! The route follows the Tram route and goes through all the movie sets back there! Of course we couldn’t pass up a race like this!

I declared it time to swap out my sneakers and try out my new shoes! Out with the old, in with the new!

We picked up our bibs yesterday, and were very impressed by the Goodie Bags. We all got a bib, shoe chip, T-Shirt and a bag o’ schwag!

Erica met us at our house at 6:30a and we grabbed a banana and headed out!
It was pretty cold in LA this morning!


Universal looked so empty at sunrise!

No one was in citywalk!

But it was so pretty decorated to look like Christmas!

Snow next to Palm trees?

When we got there, we walked around the expo for a little bit before the race started.

Irving was sporting the ‘Drug Free’ ribbon! The only way to be!

Races are more fun with friends!

Speaking of friends!! I love my running group, the LA Racers!

Then it was Go time!

We took our time and walked because it was just so cool to be able to walk in the backlot. We get to go back there during Halloween Horror Nights, but that’s at night and you can’t see as much! This was way cooler!

First stop: the set of Jaws!






Then we headed into Mexico!


The ‘Flash Flood’ location


Then we headed back in time to the Old West!





Then into downtown New York


Good Old Alfred Hitchcock’s offices!

We also passed some prop storage areas. Anyone need a phonebooth?

Or a mailbox?

What a cool place to run a race!

And then we headed for a jog down Wisteria Lane!




I knocked, but Gabrielle wasn’t home (jk!)

Susan’s (old) house on the lane!

And Bree’s House

And parked along the street were the prop cars (with all emblems removed). lol We think this is Susan’s car from ‘Desperate Housewives’.

Next stop: Whoville (which was decorated up for ‘Grinchmas’.



And right around the corner… The Bates Motel!


And guess who was cheering us on as we walked by? (Ok, maybe he wasn’t exactly cheering, but it was cool to see Norman!)

And then the famous ‘War of the Worlds’ set. This is almost scarier in daylight than during Horror Nights!



Started out innocent…

Wait for it…


And before we knew it, the finish line was up ahead!

When we finished, the view of Burbank and Warner Brothers was great from the top.

We did it!
IMG_2402 IMG_2403


What do you celebrate with after an extraneous leisurely 3.1 mile walk? Eat Pancakes!


All participants got a pancake breakfast!

It was freezing though, maybe in the 50s? So we headed back home after that. One warm shower later, and we passed out for a 2.5 hour nap!!
What a great way to spend a Sunday though. A little bit of Husband, Hollywood, Exercise and pancakes! Perfect!


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