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Adele Loves Soccer!! November 7, 2012

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We love the LA GALAXY! We’ve been going to games for a few years now and it’s always a good time.

Irving’s a huge fan. He knows just about everything about our team and he loves all the stats about the players. I don’t know much about that stuff, but I love the energy a good soccer game can bring. Adele came to a few games with us at the beginning of this season. Not sure if she remembers since she was still inside at the time!

Now that the Galaxy is in the playoffs (and she’s on the outside!) we had to bring her back!

I think she had fun! She loved the big green field and watching the fireworks (don’t worry, daddy covered her ears for that part).

She tried to doze off here and there, but everytime we scored she got woken up by the cheers. She was too cute. Such a good sport.

Go David Beckham, Go!!




Who knows, maybe Adele will play Soccer someday! We kept joking about how fun she’ll be in a few years when she’s old enough to beg us for Cotton Candy and peanuts.


This baby thing is proving to be too much fun, we’re having a blast with her!



Holy Weekend, Batman! November 23, 2011

Hello world! What a crazy week so far! We’ve been going non-stop. Friday we went to Burbank’s Holiday Open House where stores and restaurants open their doors and offer free drinks, snacks and goodies. We met up with Erika and Timmy and explored some stores we hadn’t heard of before. Such a fun way to kick off the weekend.

Saturday morning, we met up with Erica for breakfast and a walk. Here’s a preview of the Banana Peanut Butter Crunch pancakes we all split for “dessert”. (Yep, those are Oreos on there).

After a walk around a new neighborhood, we cleaned up and headed an hour north to a beautiful wedding in Camarillo.

The setting was just gorgeous, it was at an old farmhouse. We had a blast and enjoyed the evening chatting with friends.

But the cake! Oh, the cake! Each table had its own cake and it was love at first sight. It was everything you could want in a wedding cake. Rich, sugary buttercream frosting, chocolate cake, strawberries inside. All wrapped in a shell of white chocolate. I went back for an extra smear of frosting.

On our way home, the 101 freeway got completely shut down just a few cars in front of us. We turned the car off and it took almost an hour for them to open up one lane again. Ridiculous.

Sunday morning, we got up and headed to the LA Auto Show downtown. We are thinking of replacing one or both of our cars in the next year or so it was a great opportunity to scope out some contenders. We were actually impressed by what we found. We have lots of research to do now.

Sunday was POURING in LA. The rain came down in thick wet sheets. The kind of rain that has big droplets that soak you to the bone. On the way back to our car, we both stepped in a huge puddle and our socks and shoes were soaked. But we had to keep truckin’ because next up was the Major League Soccer Championship game! We got tickets months ago before we even knew which teams would be playing. Luckily our LA Galaxy made it in and we were excited to be in the stadium.  Our seats were not covered and we spent four hours outside looking like this:

We made the best of it though and enjoyed the game. We were in the third row in the corner and had great views of Donovan stretching before the game.

And then the game began! LA vs. Houston.

Oh hey, David! Bend it like Beckham!


In the end, we won 1-0 and the field erupted in celebration.

And remember that trophy that we saw last weekend in the mall?

There it is! Now officially in the hands of the LA Galaxy.

Did you watch the game on ESPN? This game was like the superbowl of soccer. So cool to be able to see it in person.

After, we did what any normal person would do after sitting in the rain for four hours…. we went to Chili’s for dinner. haha

I’m exhausted after typing all that. Looking forward to Thanksgiving! Safe travels during the holiday, everyone!


Trophies and Chocolate November 13, 2011

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We’ve finally been at home for a couple of weeks and we’ve been spending that time relaxing, catching up and getting lots crossed off our perpetual to-do lists. I know my posts have jumped off a cliff lately, but truth is, we’ve been kind of boring and there isn’t much going on. But we’ve got some small trips coming up that I’m sure will give me more to post about in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, we found out that the MLS Cup was going to be near our house, so we jumped in the car and drove over to see it. Irving’s a huge soccer fan and has been following the championship games religiously. We’re so excited to be going to the big game next weekend too. (Rooting for the LA Galaxy, of course).


Woo Hooo Soccer Players! lol. Sign me up!

This morning, we got up and went for a walk and chatted about life and other musings. Somewhere along the way, I convinced Irving to buy me this chocolate. I mean, it’s limited edition, who cares if it was $4. I can’t WAIT to break into this after dinner tonight.

I could share pictures of the four loads of laundry we did today, or the new internal card reader I installed in my computer.  But that doesn’t make for an interesting read. I promise to make my life more exciting for you and I both in the coming weeks.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some dinner to make so I can jump right into dessert. Have a great week!


Bacon is Always a Winner October 14, 2011

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A few months ago, Virgin America won FOUR awards. So on twitter, they announced they were giving away FOUR free roundtrip tickets. All you had to do was tweet a picture of FOUR of something. They would be picking winners based on creativity, quality and that it represents FOUR of something.

So I tweeted this:

Yes. I posted a picture of bacon that I took at the Larchmont Bungalow back in June. Anyways, long story short, I won!! So now I have a free roundtrip ticket on Virgin anywhere they fly. My mind was swirling with ideas. I can see my family, I can visit a friend, I can relax on a beach. And then I realized that Irving wanted to come too. Part of me was like “win your own twitter prizes” but then I decided to play nice and decide on a destination together.

We decided on Seattle since it’s been on our list for a while and because it’s so close to LA (just a two hour flight!)

We arrived early Saturday morning with no plans, no agenda and no idea what there was to see in Seattle.

Oh yea! The Space Needle!!! It was a gorgeous day, so after dropping off our bags, we headed there first.
IMG_9909 IMG_9908


The built the Space Needle in 1962 for the World’s Fair.

By the way, look at those blue skies! I thought Seattle was supposed to be rainy?!

But before we went up to the top, we explored the Experience Music Project which is a museum at the base of the needle.

The first exhibit we visited was Nirvana. I loved (and still love) that band so I was very excited about this. They had some incredible items on display. Remember the MTV Moon Man?

Here’s the guitar that Mr. Cobain used for Smells LIke Teen Spirit.

And some original drawings he sketched himself when he was in school.



After that, we jumped into the AVATAR section. It was dedicated to the making of the film and how they used technology to create the world.

IMG_0002 IMG_0015


Irving did a little virtual reality game where HE got inside the avatar world.



The the fun continued in the Halloween Exhibit. This was so funny. I wish I did a video of this. It looked like a puppet show, but your shadow animates into scary creatures, it was really neat!

And because I can’t go anywhere without some kind of Michael Jackson mention… a costume from Thriller!

When we were done, we noticed the clouds were starting to roll in (oh there they are!)

So before the rain hit, we had to make it to the top.

We waited in line for about an hour but it was worth it. So pretty from the top.


I am in love with this picture. I might have to frame it. This is so us. Traveling, happy and in love. Awe. I’m glad I brought him after all.


I think he was happy to be with me too. And also happy to spot a soccer stadium in the distance. bahaha.

Seattle to me was a hybrid of Boston and San Francisco. It definitely felt east coast.

Spotted! Pier 70! This was where the Real World house was!! I love pop culture tourism.

After we were done, we headed over to the above mentioned stadium for a Sounders FC Game!

Seattle loves its soccer. They recently won three consecutive US Open Cups (a first in history).

The stadium was beautiful (it’s also home of the Seahawks). We were secretly hoping Seattle would lose because it would guarantee the LA Galaxy the Supporters’ Shield. Since 2006, the Supporters’ Shield winner has earned a berth in the CONCACAF Champions League. (<—– info provided by Irving. I actually have no clue! Thanks, babe!)IMG_0142

But they have some serious fans there so we didn’t cheer too loud.



It drizzled during the game and then turned into a gorgeous night. How perfect does this look?

Part 2 coming later!


(PS… check out my latest post on Contiki’s blog! It’s about exploring Europe at night!




Munich: Stadiums and Arenas September 26, 2011

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We woke up in Warsaw and prepared for our all-day drive back to Berlin. This wasn’t part of the tour, but they offered a free shuttle back to Germany if you wanted (they had to get the bus back there anyways). We extended our trip to explore Munich and Salzburg on our own after Contiki was done, so the bus back was perfect.

But first. Breakfast! We had a great breakfast spread at the Marriott that had way more options than our previous hotels. They even had a few American-style items (pancakes and omlettes) that was a nice change from the usual rolls with jam and cheese we’d had prior.


Then it was right on the bus to hit the road as early as possible. Special thanks to our tour guide on our trip, Meitek. He was from Poland and was entirely entertaining.


Only half of our original group opted to take the bus back to Berlin, so everyone had an entire bus row to themselves. SCORE! I lounged out and read The Hunger Games. (Don’t spoil the end for me though, I’m still reading the rest of the series!) A few hours later, we stopped for lunch at a rest area. I was surprised to actually see a decent looking salad there. It was really good!

See! I really did tried to sneak in some healthy stuff when I could… although I did balance it out with this.

But tried to burn them off quickly by jumping up and down numerous times to get a good bus shot.

We love Contiki, what can we say? I am so sad this is the last bus day.

We got into Berlin around dinnertime and headed straight for the train station. We booked an overnight train to Munich from there.


Soon enough, our train arrived. Right on schedule. I love the European rail system.



We booked this train months ago through Distant Lands in LA (a store that we highly recommend, by the way). We would be sleeping in a 6-bunk couchette and we were praying we wouldn’t have to share the room with wierdos or scary people.

We each had the top two bunks and it was crazy hoisting all of our stuff up there with barely any headroom. We were laughing so hard.

Turns out the other four beds were filled with some elderly Germans who thought it was just the funniest thing. They were laughing and talking in German to tell us to turn the light on, turn the light off, lock the door, unlock the door. I had no idea what they were saying but they were very impressed that we brought our own travel sheets. Either that or they were making fun of me for doing so. Don’t laugh. I have no regrets! (Although sleeping in your jeans really stinks. But I still slept through the night, hooray!

When we woke up, we were just pulling into Munich. We packed our things and found our way to our hotel nearby and checked our bags. Then, map in hand, we found our way to our first stop of the day. The BMW Welt.

Here they have one of the BMW factories and also an extensive collection of their finest cars. I sat down and let Irving do his man thing (aka look at cars).

His favorite was this car commissioned by Steinway pianos.

Next we made our way in the rain around the corner to the Munich Olympic Park.

Munich was the home of the 1972 Summer Olympic games. The design was extremely modern for the times (and still looks impressive now).

In order to get the most out of the park, we opted to do an audio tour of the grounds (well worth it too).
IMG_9424 IMG_7864


The aquatic arena was exciting because this was the place that Mark Spitz won all of his medals. He was the guy that Michael Phelps was aiming to beat in Beijing.

If you look close, you can see his name below in a few places:

Also in the park is the big television tower that was renamed the Olympic Tower. We didn’t go inside, but we’re told it had impressive views from the top.

When the park was built, they had long term plans in mind for making it accessible to the public. It’s really pretty now and they use it for all kids of events.




These Olympic games were really unique because it was the first time that Germany was hosting them since WWII. The games had been in Berlin in 1936 when the Nazis were in power, and Munich was ready to show the world that this was a different Germany now.

However the games quickly turned tragic when the Israeli Olympic team was taken hostage and then killed by a radical Palestinian group. It was a very sad event and was a great loss to the world.

This was the apartment that the Israeli team was staying in when the kidnappers broke in.  I always think of the Olympic games as a reason for the world to come together, this tragedy is so unfortunate and I was glad we got the opportunity to pay tribute to those athletes.

After our audio tour, we had lunch inside the commissary. Schnitzel for Irving (of course, right?!)…

And some pasta for me.

And then we jumped on the metro to head to our next sight: Allianz Arena. But first, a little fun in the train station!

There was a mirror on the ceiling that we used to take some pictures!

Someone nearby thought we looked funny and offered to take a picture of us looking at the ceiling. LOL

Then we arrived at the stadium, just in time for the last English tour of the day.

This is where two of Germany’s biggest soccer teams play: FC Bayern Munich and TSV Munich. It was also the site of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. As you can imagine, Irving was in heaven.

The tour was great and we got to learn a bit about the stadium and the teams.




After our tour, we headed back into Munich for another (!!) tour of the city. Stay tuned!


17-Mile Walk around Budapest September 18, 2011

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We woke up to a lovely morning in Budapest. After breakfast, we got started right away with a tour of the Parliament Building. One of the benefits of touring with a group is being able to avoid long lines at popular attractions like this one.

The inside is decorated beautifully with lots of gold leaf and granite.


This is the inside of the huge dome that crowns the building.IMG_8682


We learned about how the Parliament functions and saw one of the rooms where the government votes on occasion.

Then we walked into the center of town. Just recently they dedicated a monument to Ronald Reagan for the work he did to help communism in the 80s. It made me proud to see an American being celebrated there.

We ended our tour at St. Stephan’s Basilica (or as my tourist map called it: bazilica).

The church itself is really beautiful. I remembered it from when I was there 8 years ago. It’s bright and colorful.

But the highlight is seeing their beloved relic: the forearm of St. Stephan himself. If you put some money in a box, it lights up so you can see it. Kind of creepy and weird, I agree.

We walked down towards the river after to see one of the more somber memorials in Budapest. During World War II, Jews were especially targeted in Hungary. One one very sad day, the Nazis lined up a huge group of them on the river bank and shot them all into the water.

There now stands a long row of copper shoes to represent each of the victims. There were shoes for each of the men, women and children who lost their lives here.


After that, we took our time reflecting on the horrors that occurred here just decades before.IMG_8741

After a bit of walking, we were ready for lunch.

I felt like I hadn’t had vegetables in a while and opted for a nice simple salad. It was so good! Guess my body needed that!

From there, we walked to find the 2nd largest synagogue in the world (the 1st largest is in New York City).

Around the back is an impressive monument to commemorate each of the Jews from Budapest who lost their lives during World War II. This tree looks like a weeping willow and also an upside down menorah. Each ‘leaf’ of the tree has a person’s name engraved on it.

Next we walked over to the Museum of Terror.

It was used during WWII by the Nazis, then by the Hungarian Red Cross militia and finally by the communists to torture and kill people who were thought to be enemies of the regimes.

Hundreds of innocent people lost their lives in the basement of this building.

The upper floors house exhibits about Hungary’s history from WWII through the Cold War. The plaques were in Hungarian, but they had English pamphlets in each room. They also had an audio tour that I’m sure would have been really great. We wished we had done that.

The basement of the building is where they housed the prisoners in gross, inhumane cells meant to torture. Nearly all of them were eventually executed and only a handful of agents responsible were ever brought to justice. This is a definite must see if you’re visiting Budapest.

Contiki gave us all an unlimited metro ticket that gave us free transportation all over the city, so we took the subway from there and went up to a park about a mile up.

I laughed so hard when I saw the ticket validation box in the station. When I was in Budapest in 2003, I arrived at night with a college friend and bought a bunch of subway tickets to use throughout our weekend. I innocently forgot to validate my ticket in one of these boxes and subsequently got fined a lot of money when I got caught by a police man. So I’ve officially come back to Budapest to conquer that orange box and let the city redeem itself to me. Fortunately it did, it was one of the best parts of our trip.


We walked all over the park and were impressed by how big and how clean it was.

IMG_8759 IMG_8761

After that, we found out that was a Hungary/Sweden soccer game at the stadium that night so we walked over there to try and get tickets. We walked around that whole dang park for TWO hours looking for the ticket windows before finally surrendering empty handed. By then we had walked about 14 miles and headed back to the hotel to grab a nap before dinner. My feet were KILLING me!

Dinner was on our own and we just decided to walk til we found something good. We found a hopping street close by with tons of options.

We watched most of the soccer game and continued on to explore the city again at night. We walked over the Chain Bridge to view the Elizabeth Bridge (named after the famous Princess Elizabeth from Vienna… Austria ruled Hungary back then so she came to Budapest quite often).



Once on the other side, we walked in the direction of the Parliament to get one last view of the glowing building.

We laughed when we saw this Trafalgar Bus parked in front. Once we get too old for Contiki, that will be our tour someday! (Contiki is just for 18-35 year olds).

In all, we covered 17 miles on foot that day. Guess it’s good training for the half marathon I have coming up in October!


Feliz Navidad May 29, 2011

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We’ve had a busy summer so far (and only getting busier), so we were happy to be able to spend the Memorial Day weekend at home, just getting some things done. Irving is working on sorting and editing all of our Egypt & Dubai pictures, and it is a painstakingly frustrating task. We’ve both spent hours pouring over the pictures, and I’m glad he’s taking the reins on finally getting that project over with. I’ll have to do a post on computer organization sometime, it’s quite interesting.

While he was doing that, I deleted my whole computer (after everything was –hopefully—backed up, of course) and restored it to it’s factory settings. Sometimes it’s just good to start fresh and get rid of any bugs you might have. So far so good! Seems to be running faster already!


When we were about ready to claw our eyes out, we left the house to do a few errands. First stop was Aaron Brothers to get a painting framed. That was one of my valentine’s gifts to Irving! And then we headed to Best Buy to make a very important purchase…..

Our First XBOX! Actually our first gaming system… ever! We’ve never had a PlayStation or a Wii. The last system I had was old school Nintendo. And before that was Atari. Yea, it was about time we bought one. We felt like little kids in the store asking about controllers and games. We ended up with the XBox Kinect! We were very excited and practically danced out of the store. lol

The best part was that Best Buy was having a sale… buy an XBox and get a $50 giftcard to use on games or whatever later. I definitely giggled at the giftcard. Feliz Navidad!

We have yet to actually set the thing up, we have a feeling once we do, we’ll never want to stop. What games do you recommend? We definitely want a workout one, and probably LA Noire too.

Last night, We had a double date with my sister, Mikaela and her boyfriend, Chris!

We all watched the LA Galaxy vs. NE Revolution soccer game “together”!

Irving and Chris even had a beer “together” while they watched. It was fun to see them and pretend like we didn’t live 3,000 miles apart!

I’m very happy that I’ve installed and updated Windows and all my favorite programs (Windows Live Writer was top of the list!) But I think I still have more to download, catch you soon!


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