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Every Day of Her Life September 27, 2012

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A while back when I was pregnant, I came across this photo on pinterest:
121667627403816532_5F8ua1fZ_c [source]

The idea is to jot down the highlight of each day and you can look back and see what you did on the same day in years past. I LOVED this idea. So when I was 39 weeks pregnant, I got to work and bought a ton of index cards and labeled all of them (one for each day of the year).

Starting from the day Adele was born, I wrote what we did each day. I plan to keep this going until her 16th birthday.

Then when she looks back, she will know what she did every day of her entire life. Sometimes it’s as simple as “Quiet day at home”… and sometimes it’s more exciting.

I looked high and low for the perfect box to store them in. No recipe or index card box was big enough for 366 cards. But then I stumbled on this Caboodle in the kids section of Target! It’s pink and sparkly!! Perfect!

Someday, I’m sure she will treasure the contents inside. I do have a journal I write in, and her baby book… and this blog… But this seems like something even more special. Hope she likes it when she gets older!


Crafts to Distract Me! June 2, 2012

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No baby yet! I just got back from another 3-mile walk and I’m still drinking my Raspberry Tea, but baby is being stubborn and wants to wait a little while longer!


To keep busy last week, I made those fabric flags for the nursery. It took a couple of days and it was so much fun to do something creative before the baby comes.

I bought way too much fabric though and wanted to put it good use somehow. After a little bit of Googling and Pinteresting, I decided to make some cloth baby blocks like this:
[Source: one, two]

I followed these instructions and cannibalized a couple of pillows to stuff them. But I think they came out pretty good!
(They are 6” squares).

I love that the fabric matches the rest of the room too (we’re a little obsessed with sage and brown!)


Hopefully the baby will like them too!


And if that wasn’t enough crafting for one week… I worked on finding a way to display my postcard collection! When I was in  Europe, I started buying postcards of the art I saw in museums. Over time, I ended up with a whole shoebox full of great photographs and art. It was a shame it was sitting on a shelf. So I bought some ribbon and hotglued them to it and hung them on a blank wall. I LOVE it!

It fills the space and keeps my eyes busy. So fun!


Clearly, I have too much time on my hands now! Hurry up, baby! =)


Nursery Room Flags May 29, 2012

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Even though we absolutely LOVE how the nursery turned out, it still looked like something was missing on those big green walls. I didn’t want to hang pictures or anything that might fall in an earthquake (we do live in Los Angeles!), but it needed something to fill the space.


I saw a bunch of pictures on Pinterest and Etsy of these pendant flags and I decided to try my luck at making my own.
[sources: One, Two, Three, Four]

So I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics armed with lots of coupons and picked out four fabrics that match the sage/brown colors of the baby’s room.
I love the wood-looking one! Matches the deer!

I had some girls over for craft night, and I dusted off my sewing machine and hoped for the best using this tutorial (only I didn’t do my two-sided).

I have to say, they came out pretty amazing. I LOVE them! It definitely fills the wall and blends in the colors together!




They are pretty when they blow in the wind when the fan is on too. I have enough cut triangles to make one more strand of them, but I’m not sure it needs it. What do you think?

And extra-special thanks to the husband for hanging them up for me!
“A little higher up. No.. too high. Down a little. Left just a smidge. PERFECT!”

He’s such a great guy. =) He’s seriously going to be the BEST dad!


Psst! I had leftover fabric and embarked on another sewing project too! I’ll share that with you this week as well!


How to Store Travel Keepsakes July 7, 2011

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When we travel, we bring back a lot of mementos. Things like ticket stubs, airline tickets, postcards and brochures. Most of that is slowly making its way into my scrapbooks (photos forthcoming!) But the rest of it ends up in ratty white envelopes.  That’s just not how I want to preserve them. We travel around the world, the last thing I want to see is museum tickets smashed inside a box. I want my future kids to thumb through them someday and marvel at all the things his/her cool parents did. And white envelopes just wouldn’t want to be very impressive.

I love old looking things like bundles of love letters, and treasures wrapped in brown paper packages tied up with string…these are a few of my favorite things! (couldn’t resist!)
[source] [source]

I just love the idea of preserving my memories to rediscover them down the road. I don’t really save a lot of things, but things like this really make me happy.

For a while, I’ve been looking for the right kind of envelope that would look classy, be functional and last through the years. I wanted something similar to this, but I couldn’t find them in the size I wanted. Plus I didn’t really like the orangey office-style color.
string-button-airmail-envelopes [source]

But this week, I found something fun in Paper Source. We bought all of our wedding invitation supplies there, so I knew I could trust the quality.
Travel Enveopes (4)

I bought two packs of the A9 envelopes in the “paper bag” color. It almost looks like recycled or homemade paper. Loved it!

They were simple and elegant, and I didn’t want to mess too much with them, but I had to label them somehow. I just acquired a set of stencils from a friend and I’m in love with the font. It’s classy and fun.

Travel Enveopes (2)Travel Enveopes (1)

So I got to work labeling them. First up was Italy.
Travel Enveopes (5)

I hated it. Especially the way the year looks at the top. Nothing popped. And duh! If these envelopes were upright in a box, I couldn’t read the label! I had to put the country at the TOP of the envelope. I’ll chalk that one up as “practice”. Let’s start over. This time, in pencil first!
Travel Enveopes (6)

Then I went over it with a black sharpie.
Travel Enveopes (7)

Then I used a cute little stamp in the lower right hand corner to put the date.
Travel Enveopes (3)

Travel Enveopes (8)

It’s definitely closer to what I had envisioned… but still didn’t pop.  This baby needs color!
Travel Enveopes (17)

I love Sharpies. Especially these ultra fine tip ones. I did a few trial runs on my “test” envelope to see how the colors looked on the brown background.
Travel Enveopes (16)

Yep. This would work.
Travel Enveopes (18)

Success! I think they look cute!
Travel Enveopes (10)

Here’s a few more I did tonight.
Travel Enveopes (11)

Travel Enveopes (12)

Travel Enveopes (13)

And most importantly, They’ll look great once filled with travel keepsakes and all lined up in a nice box.

What do you think? Will my non-existent future children like them?

How do you store travel keepsakes?


Craft Night with the Girls! May 3, 2011

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I got lots of pictures of the crafts, but none of “the girls”! So sad!

A few of my college friends started a monthly craft/sewing night where we can get together, chat, and get creative. It’s so much fun.

There was four of us tonight and everyone did something different. It’s fun to be inspired by the talent of your friends.
IMG_5692 IMG_5691

I did a few sewing projects that have been waiting for some TLC for a couple of YEARS!

Finally fixed the handle on this purse! YAY!

And sewed on a few missing beads from this shirt!

And stitched up my table cloth bag! (what, don’t your table cloths have bags?)

A few years ago, my sister gave me a craft kit for Christmas, and inside were treasures from my grandmother’s sewing items from “the olden days”. haha I love it so much, it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever got.



Check this out…

Inside are sewing needles and I adore them.

But seriously, my favorite part is looking at where she bought some of the threads! Ames and Zayres!
Remember those stores? That was before Target and Walmart came waltzing in.

Someday I’ll actually learn how to sew something worthwhile. It’s daunting to think about, but when I’m ready, I’ll tackle it.


The night ended with a homemade cupcake. Devine.

Thanks for hosting such a fun night, Jenn!


Do you remember any of these stores?

zayre   service
ames 150px-Caldor-rainbow-gif


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