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Random Things Thursday August 18, 2011

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I spent my evening decluttering my computer desk as well as the desktop itself! I’m not the neatest person in the world, but I really hate clutter. Just did a clean sweep and it feels so good. Just a small to-do list for the week, I’m finally caught up!

I also cleared off my camera chip, so I thought I’d share a few random things from the week:

1.) Check out this awesome screensaver CD featuring “Birds of America” from what looks like the 1980s. (But maybe it’s from the 90s, it’s hard to be sure).

Irving had this disc in a box under his desk and I begged him to keep it because it’s just so awesome. People used to actually PAY for screen savers? Kids these days just don’t know what they’re missing.

But wait…there’s more… when you open up this “CD” case…

…you find out that It’s a floppy disc!!! I’m sad that my current computer doesn’t have the capabilities to look at these 20 images of “Birds of America”. I may not be able to use this disc, but it sure did provide a barrel of laughs when Irving told me he actually bought this himself. LOL NERRRD!

And that’s not all… on the left side of the CD case was a film envelope. BAHAHA remember those?!?!

2.) WHO LOVES CUPCAKES? I should probably cut back on the cupcakes… FOUR of my birthday cards this year had cupcakes on them! Everyone must know how much I LOVE them. I ❤ my friends and family!

3.) Ah-nild Pah-mah. That’s how we say “Arnold Palmer” in Boston. Irving found these drink mixes this week. Kind of cool, right? I’m excited to try them. Never seen them before!

4.) Pour, Bake, Eat. I saw this in Trader Joes this week and I HAD TO HAVE IT! Ready-To-Bake Brownies! The guy at the register told me that I could probably just eat it with a spoon too. Whaaaa??? I’m saving this for a rainy day.

Three steps, people. Pour. Bake. Eat. Done.

Guess that’s it for now.

Who else has a box of old floppy discs sitting around? I kind of want to find a drive that will open them up because I often lie in bed at night wondering about my 6th grade history papers and 7th grade poetry, don’t you? There could be good stuff on there!


Feliz Navidad May 29, 2011

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We’ve had a busy summer so far (and only getting busier), so we were happy to be able to spend the Memorial Day weekend at home, just getting some things done. Irving is working on sorting and editing all of our Egypt & Dubai pictures, and it is a painstakingly frustrating task. We’ve both spent hours pouring over the pictures, and I’m glad he’s taking the reins on finally getting that project over with. I’ll have to do a post on computer organization sometime, it’s quite interesting.

While he was doing that, I deleted my whole computer (after everything was –hopefully—backed up, of course) and restored it to it’s factory settings. Sometimes it’s just good to start fresh and get rid of any bugs you might have. So far so good! Seems to be running faster already!


When we were about ready to claw our eyes out, we left the house to do a few errands. First stop was Aaron Brothers to get a painting framed. That was one of my valentine’s gifts to Irving! And then we headed to Best Buy to make a very important purchase…..

Our First XBOX! Actually our first gaming system… ever! We’ve never had a PlayStation or a Wii. The last system I had was old school Nintendo. And before that was Atari. Yea, it was about time we bought one. We felt like little kids in the store asking about controllers and games. We ended up with the XBox Kinect! We were very excited and practically danced out of the store. lol

The best part was that Best Buy was having a sale… buy an XBox and get a $50 giftcard to use on games or whatever later. I definitely giggled at the giftcard. Feliz Navidad!

We have yet to actually set the thing up, we have a feeling once we do, we’ll never want to stop. What games do you recommend? We definitely want a workout one, and probably LA Noire too.

Last night, We had a double date with my sister, Mikaela and her boyfriend, Chris!

We all watched the LA Galaxy vs. NE Revolution soccer game “together”!

Irving and Chris even had a beer “together” while they watched. It was fun to see them and pretend like we didn’t live 3,000 miles apart!

I’m very happy that I’ve installed and updated Windows and all my favorite programs (Windows Live Writer was top of the list!) But I think I still have more to download, catch you soon!


Springtime Chicken March 30, 2011

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Last night, we cooked up another one of our Dream Dinners meals.

This one was the ‘Chicago Style Chicken’, and it was amazing. So much flavor, and so easy to make. I joke with other healthy food bloggers that I don’t ‘cook’…instead, I ‘assemble’. But I’m darn good at it. Winking smile

I cracked open a bottle of wine (direct from Costco’s shelves). This was a Riesling and it was fabulous.


Enjoyed along side my Easter Bunnies. I wait all year for them to come out and play!

The rest of the night, we did some more office work. I’m converting my entire music library from ITunes to Windows Media Player. It is such a painstakingly long process. We got a home server, where we can access all of our music anywhere in the world… but it all has to be converted first.

(nerds, we know.)

Tell me, what’s the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done? Tell me I’m not alone.


Cupcakes for Breakfast! August 15, 2010

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This morning, I convinced Irving to do a birthday walk with me with the Los Angeles Racers! I was so excited when he agreed. I love running or exercising on important days. (I even ran a few miles with my friends the morning of my wedding!)

It was a gorgeous morning to get outside!



After the walk, my friends brought CUPCAKES!!! Not just any cupcakes, those huge ones from Costco! (you know what i’m talking about!)

Nothing beats a huge cupcake at 8 in the morning!

There were FOUR LA RACERS Birthdays this month!!!

Happy Birthday, guys!


Mmmm Frosting!


Thanks guys! You all rock!

When we got home, Irving declared it was FINALLY time to open the presents!!

After all…. the countdown finally got to zero!


Look at all my goodies!!!!!!

I am pretty sure Irving had a field day in Fry’s Electronics last week. He’s probably SO excited that I’m finally as excited about computer parts as he is. lol

These are the final pieces I needed to finish off my computer! (I built myself a computer from scratch a few months ago, and these are the last odds and ends still left to install!!! YAY!)

Most importantly though, was the USB Hubman.

Get it??? Hubman = hubby?

Thank you so much, Irving!!!! And congratulations for finally making your wife as nerdy as you are. LOVE YOU!


Adventures of a Computer Nerd! May 1, 2010

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YAYYYYY!!!! My new computer is done!!! Irving and I started building my new computer piece by piece last year, and it’s finally done! And it’s pretty sweet.

This week we installed the final touches:

And Irving set it all up!

I can’t believe that when I hit the “power” button, the thing actually turned on!

It’s amazing how a hunk of metal actually does what you want it to. All those wires and plugs actually worked! I couldn’t believe it.

The only dud out of everything was my Rosewill all-in-one card reader. I don’t recommend it. It didn’t work at all. Boo. But everything else is working great!

And now I’m getting to know my new best friend: Windows Live Writer! Don’t you love my new “rounded photos”? It makes blogging SO much easier!

Woo hoo!


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