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Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2008 October 18, 2008

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I was really lucky to have gotten into the Nike Marathon in the lottery this year. I was super excited, and it really was everything I thought it would be. It was one of my best races yet, and I got to run it with one of my best friends, Alex. The weather was perfect, the course was beautiful, and we finished fast and strong…. oh, and the Tiffany Necklace this year was simply stunning. Enjoy the pictures!

What a Team!

Seriously, how cute are we!

Practicing my running technique…

Look at her go!

They had Nike Photobooths this year!!!! So fun!!!!

Niketown…the start line for the race.

Nike has a wall of all the runner’s names… can you find me?

There I am!!!!!

Alex cooked an AMAZING pasta dinner! What a great cook!

Look how yummy! Athletes need their fuel!

We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again! We’re old pros!

Trying on our bibs for tomorrow…

And our fuel belts too!

I think we’re ready!

Checking over the course map!

 Race Morning….Me, Jen and Alex! It was so cold!!!
I wore my Mylar marathon blanket from last year’s race! It did the trick!

Trying to keep warm before we started!

And they’re off! This was around mile 6. Look at the sea of purple!

Run girls, Run!
Beautiful views of the Golden Gate bridge at 8am! Not a trace of fog!
I kinda feel bad for the people who try to actually win marathons.
They probably miss out on these awesome photo opportunities!

My attempt at taking a picture…while running! I’m pretty sure that’s not safe.


I Loooooove Running! hahaha Wierdo!


NikeMarathon_2008 033 (Medium) (Small)

NikeMarathon_2008 038 (Medium) (Small)

NikeMarathon_2008 046 (Medium) (Small)


NikeMarathon_2008 039 (Medium) (Small)

Running like a girl…with my skirt!

Gotta love our coordinating outfits!
It really is no wonder I never win any races. hahaha
We just have too much fun!

The reason I started running…

….And why I continue running.

SOOOO YUMMYYY!!!!!! Best race course snack!


Running so fast, it’s blurry! haha

The last .25 mile!!! WE DID IT!

Alex’s awesome friends took some of our finish line pictures!!! We’re so close!

YAY! We have fans!!!!

Hottie Firemen in tuxes with Tiffany boxes on silver platters….
As if you need another reason to run a marathon!


Crossing the finish line! We’re the only two in blue shirts!

Alex’s fan club!! They were such great cheerleaders!!!!

Thanks guys!!!!!

 We did it!

The Swag! What a great shirt this year!!!

We ran like girls!!! Go us!!!!


You said it right, Alex… “We Rule!”

 Our time:

After a huge post-race cheeseburger, we celebrated our 13.1 mile run with CUPCAKES!!!!

With my finisher’s t-shirt and Tiffany’s necklace!

The Coveted Necklace



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