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1st Birthday Weekend Celebration June 11, 2013

Since our families don’t live close by, we decided to skip on the iconic ‘1st Birthday Party’ and celebrate just the three of us with a quiet weekend away instead. On Friday night, we headed to Rancho Mirage (oh, hey President Obama!) to stay at the Rancho Las Palmas hotel. The room was great, we kept the AC blasting to combat the 102* temps outside!



In typical Adele fashion, she settled into the big king bed nicely.


We traveled with our Pack N’ Play and set it up in the bathroom. She slept great, all night long, both nights we were there. We kind of missed her though and wished she was cuddling with us, but alas, baby needs her sleep.


After we were done exploring the room, we decided to brave the insane temperatures and venture out for a walk. We ate at a BBQ place across the street that was pretty fun. Adele dined on Jalapeño cornbread, sweet potatoes and parts of my hamburger.  I’m trying to remember if there was a vegetable in there somewhere…. [thinks for a second] oh yes, the corn in the cornbread. Does that count? Good times.

The next morning was a special day. Adele turned one. June 8th. When we heard her wake up, both Irving and I ran in to grab her and smother her with kisses and hugs. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her twice. A special day indeed. We let her open up some presents! Her friend Sophie gave her the best gift ever. A book that lights up and sings. Mind blown.

And we wheeled out our gift from the closet…. check her out!

We got her the SmarTrike dream and she LOVES it! I mean, it has a cell phone, come on!
Cell phones are tasty!


Eventually, the trike converts (little by little) into a big wheel tricycle! I like quality toys that grow with the child. A+ so far (which is more than I can say about the piece-of-crap plastic shopping cart we tried to buy her at target… yea, that will be returned asap. You win some, you lose some).

Happy Birthday, Adele!

Part 2 of our trip coming soon!!



The Marilyn July 25, 2012

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Look what else we found in Palm Springs!

Remember when I saw this statue in Chicago last August

Well the city of Palm Springs bought it, so we went to visit her again!

They set her up in a nice park at the base of the mountains. I think she fits in well there.



IMG_4247 IMG_4243



I LOVE this picture. It melts my heart. She thinks Daddy is SO funny!

Ok Adele. You can now check Palm Springs off your bucket list. (But we’ll come back again soon anyways!)


Adele in the Desert–Part 2 July 24, 2012

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The next morning, Adele woke us up at 6am (After sleeping for eight glorious hours through the night!!) She and I walked with Daddy over to the golf course. It was so beautiful and not too hot yet. We said bye to him and we went back to the room to hang out while he played a round.

So what do two girls do when they are by themselves for a morning? PHOTOSHOOOOOT!

IMG_4193 IMG_4192


And my favorite of the day…
Oh my gosh, how is she mine?! She’s so beautiful!

We played and napped (both of us!) until we got a text that daddy was on the 17th hole! So we headed back over to the clubhouse to meet him for lunch.

It was definitely warm out, but I kept the baby in the shade!

I wish she could have seen how beautiful it was outside… but we’ll have to come back in the winter when the heat isn’t so bad!


Mmmm Burgers!

We splurged and ordered fried dill pickle spears! (I know, we’re getting crazy over here!)

We chatted for a couple of hours overlooking the golfcourse and taking turns holding the baby. It was so nice to get away from home and escape our routine for a bit.

She loves her daddy!

Family picture!!

Irving played a second round of golf in the afternoon (don’t ask me how he was able to be out in that sun all day long?!). Adele and I went back to the room while she napped and I watched trash tv. No shame.

Once he was done and the baby was rested, we jumped in the car and headed to downtown Palm Springs for dinner.

We walked the streets and did some people watching. So many awesome shops and restaurants down there.

When we got engaged, we were staying in Palm Springs, so it brought back a lot of memories for us!



Even though there were a ton of great-looking restaurants, we ended up at The Old Spaghetti Factory, which is one of my FAVORITE restaurants ever. EVER! (Every meal comes with a salad, bread, a drink… AND DESSERT!) Adele was a little fussy and we took turns pushing her stroller around the parking lot… you win some, you lose some, I guess. To her defense, it was a late dinner and she was DEFINITELY ready for bed. Whoops!

When we got pregnant, our biggest concern was if we’d be able to keep up the pace at which we like to travel… but this weekend really gave us the confidence we needed to know that life doesn’t end when you have kids. Travel is a huge hobby of ours and we’re so excited to share it with Adele now. It just keeps getting better!

Got any other kid-friendly So-Cal weekend getaway destinations?


Adele in the Desert–Part 1 July 23, 2012

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It was bound to happen sooner or later… Baby’s first weekend away! In honor of our third anniversary, we decided to sneak away to Palm Springs for a couple of days in the desert! It would be Adele’s first time in a hotel! (Gotta start em’ while they’re young, right?) We packed our van full of everything we could possibly need for our family of three and hit the road. She did great and slept the whole two-hour drive there.

We stayed at the La Quinta Resort. We picked it because it looked pretty comfortable and it had two golf courses on the property for dad (priorities!) It was a little far from the main attractions in Palm Springs, but since it was going to be so hot out, we weren’t planning on venturing out much with Adele anyways.

The hotel had a rustic-chic feel. It is pretty old (built in 1926), but it had a lot of character and it was clean and comfortable, so I’d stay there again for sure.


Irving and I have stayed in a LOT of hotels over the years…. but this was the first time our end tables looked like this while we were there! Funny how things change when you have a baby!

When we got settled into the room, we set up her pack n’ play for her to sleep in. When time came for a nap, I tried to lie her down in it and she was fussing a bit. So I put her on our ridiculously comfy king sized bed… and she passed out.

Uh-oh, we better watch out! She knows a good thing when she sees it! HA!

We spent the first afternoon just hanging out and enjoying the quiet time together.

Once the sun set and the temperature dropped (100* down to 80* !?!), we headed out for a delayed anniversary dinner. Cheers to three wonderful years of marriage and to our new addition!

Water for the breast-feeding mama! Cheers!
I spy a quiet sleeping baby in the background!

Table-Made guacamole! Don’t mind if we do! I seriously could (and did) eat it with a spoon. OHMYGOSH So good.

After dinner, we enjoyed an evening stroll around the resort. The mountains were pretty silhouettes in the sky. So romantic and beautiful.

Day 2 coming in the next post! But first… one more picture of my little girl…just because!


Engagement Story Part 1 January 20, 2008

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Engagement Story Part 1:

The Decoy Dinner!

On January 19th, Irving surprised me with an “impromptu” weekend away. He told me that I couldn’t ask any questions and I had to just follow along. We drove for two hours to Palm Springs and he made me change into something nice. Then we got to our destination: the Aerial Tram up the mountains overlooking the valley in Palm Springs. It was freezing up there, there was even a few feet of snow!

The valley at the top of the Gondola. The gondola rotates 360 degrees as it
goes up. It’s the only one in the Western Hemisphere. The view was spectacular!

We had dinner at a beautiful restaurant at
the top, complete with wine and fondue! “This is it”, I thought,
“He’s going to propose!”… I was so nervous and excited. But dinner
came to an end, and there was no ring… sad.

MMmm.. at least the fondue was good!

Irving then took me to stay the night
at the same hotel we stayed at in 2005 when we moved out to LA. It was symbolic
of our success we’ve had in LA since then.


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