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An Epic Cross-Country Vacation May 28, 2014

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So by now, you’ve seen a few of our pictures from our trip to China. I wrote about why we left Adele for the two weeks while we gone. It wasn’t easy leaving our little one behind.
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - LA and Travel Day (4)

You might be wondering where she was while we were away… Here’s a hint:

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (17) copy

Long story short, Adele had two plane rides, slept in four cities in three states. She was well taken care of by family on both sides. It was the great cross-country family tour of 2014 for her. And she did great. She had an epic vacation and was completely spoiled by everyone she visited. Here’s just a few of the 400+ photos she came back with.

First she flew from LA to Chicago with Aunty Laurie. The next day, she drove to Indianapolis to visit Aunties EJ and Sarah!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Indianapolis (4)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Indianapolis (24)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Indianapolis (36)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Indianapolis (39)

A few days later, Grammie flew to Chicago and Adele drove back to Chicago and they stayed there for a few day!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (36)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (44)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (55)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (60)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (64)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (66)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (69)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (76)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (80)

On Easter Sunday, Grammie flew from Chicago to Boston for the rest of the trip.
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (2)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (4)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (5)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (6)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (11)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (12)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (25)

This cracked me up! haha Adele’s hand-me-down become doll clothes!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (30)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (33)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (39)

Adele’s cousin, Gizmo! haha
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (51)

Gardening with Grammie!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (54)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (55)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (56)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (67)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (75)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (80)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (82)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (87)

Does your Grandma rollerblade? Adele’s does!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (89)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (92)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (94)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (98)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (105)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (110)

Sweeping up the driveway!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (115)

And a little surprise visit to Chuck E Cheese! Where Grandparents can be kids too!Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (118)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (119)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (99)

We are beyond grateful for everyone who helped us out taking care of Adele so we could getaway on our trip. We know we absolutely couldn’t have done it without the support of family and we love you all! xo


So how did Adele get back home? Well after flying from Hong Kong –> Vancouver –> Los Angeles, I had one day to rest up at home and then the very next day, I got on a plane and flew to Boston. {Worst flight ever, by the way. Let’s just say I got sick a few times and swore I would never fly again.} When I landed, I was in tears because in 2 hours, I would be boarding another flight back to LA with Adele. I didn’t think I could do it. My mom and Mikaela bought me some medicine, gave me a pep talk and basically forced me to board the plane. HAHA I guess even when you’re 30 you still need your mom! Adele was very excited to see me though, her reaction was so super cute. I have it on video and I watch it over and over again. Love her!

Thank goodness, our flight home was easy, fast and sickness-free. We even scored an entire row to ourselves and Adele slept for most of it. Whew!

Jetlag was really tough for all of us. For about two weeks we weren’t sleeping. Even Adele was waking up at odd hours. But now we’re back on track again.  All worth it for the incredible vacation Irving and I shared, and the pretty awesome one Adele got to experience as well.


A Weekend of Love February 18, 2014

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We had such a great Valentine’s Weekend! And it was a long weekend too, due to the holiday on Monday! Now that’s love.  Adele had a potluck at her school, so I made mini tea sandwiches (inspired by my Downton Abbey party!). These were berry cream cheese on white bread!

The cream cheese was pink which made a pretty little party sandwich! Not sure if the kids liked them at school, but Adele LOVED them!


She gave her friends little puppy and kitty valentines, along with a bag of teddy grahams. The tags said “BEAR HUGS TO XXXXX, LOVE, ADELE”. I saw it on Pinterest and I was so excited! Adele called them ‘cookie bears’. ha.

I got out of work early on Friday, which gave us a head start to the weekend of loooooove! We met up with some friends at Pint Size Kids for an afternoon of pretend play!



Doing a little produce shopping…




Putting them in her cart…




And taking money out of the ATM to pay for it all… My, she’s like a grownup!IMG_4338




Then she did a load of laundry…






And even ironed it too!

Then she filled up her SUV with gas.

We also practiced pushing our dollies…


And taking excellent care of them.


If you haven’t been to this place yet, you should check it out. It has everything toddlers could imagine. Including books and train sets too! Adele LOVED the choo choos!


And they have GIANT teddy bears. The things toddler dreams are made of.


It was so much fun. We’ll be back soon for sure!

Once the three of us got back home, we had a Valentine’s day picnic lunch on the living room floor. Complete with cheese, crackers, olives, salad and raisins! We laughed so hard because it was sort of a disaster. Adele was stepping on everything and making quite the mess. But it was fun and I’m hoping this was a beginning of fun Valentine’s Day tradition! Only next year, I hope there is less sock lint on my plate and smooched crackers on the rug. =)

Our Valentine’s Weekend of Love didn’t end there! Stay tuned for Part 2!






Weekend Getaway: Monterey Playground January 26, 2014

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On our last day in Monterey, we kept it simple and headed to a playground so Adele could burn off some steam before being in the car for five hours. After some googling, we settled on the Dennis the Menace Playground. It did not disappoint.
It was built decades ago so it didn’t fall into the traditional parks you see nowadays. They just don’t make em’ like they used to. Check out this slide! (hey, adults can play too!)

And look at this one! It was a ‘roller’ slide. 


Our plan to tucker Adele out worked. She was fried after a couple of hours of climbing, sliding and running.

She slept for 3 of the 5 hours on the way back to LA. I spent the rest of the ride in the back seat with her reading, singing and playing. (And maybe some Elmo watching as well… shhh! I’ll never be one of THOSE parents. haha)

Here’s a video of Adele in the backseat (note: it’s dark, just listen!) All she wanted was to watch Elmo and mom singing was NOT going to cut it this time. ha.


19 Months Down! January 12, 2014

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Guess who is 19 Months old?

19 Months was a big one. So many huge changes, giant leaps and adventures. She spent half of the past month in New England, so being out of her routine could have added to these big developments, or maybe just a coincidence. While I’m loving this full transition into toddlerhood, I also find myself still a little anxious about it as well (I wrote about it a little bit here). Some things have become noticeably easier, but then in other ways, it’s also tougher. Irving and I keep reminding ourselves that we’re learning together. Adele doesn’t know how to be the perfect toddler, and we don’t know how to be the perfect parents. But patience, listening, showing interest and finding those teachable moments has been an exciting challenge. I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job so far, so maybe there’s not much to fear after all.


Weight: 22 Pounds
Height: Unknown
Diapers: Size 3
Shoes: Size 4
Clothing: 18 Months


I hate to tell you guys, that Adele’s still an amazing sleeper. She goes to sleep between 6:30p and 7:30p and sleeps for 13-14 hours straight. Both days this weekend she’s slept past 9am. (I know, moms everywhere are rolling their eyes…).  Even with all that sleep, she’s still giving me one 1-2 hour nap a day as well. (Naps=sanity for mommy, so I’m grateful for that!) She’s still going to bed with her doggy and pacifier (oh, the pacifier, I both hate and love you). This month we also introduced blankets and a small pillow.


You guys…. she doesn’t throw food on the floor anymore! At all!!! Sometime this month I noticed I hadn’t had to clean the floor every night after dinner! So glad that phase is over! She also got her appetite back this month and went from eating only a few bites at meals to asking for seconds (and thirds!). Maybe we’ve got a growth spurt on the horizon. She’s still a little bit picky, but she’s eating more of a variety than in previous months too. I think we’ve turned a food corner! Her favorite foods this month are: Apples, Oranges, Blackberries, Blueberries, crackers, alphabet cookies, minestrone soup, cereal with milk, anything dipped in sour cream and fig bars.

She’s drinking roughly 12oz of milk a day now. Also lots of water. We introduced juice this month as well for the first time. I usually take apple or apple/grape 100% juice and water it down 50/50. She loves it. Just a few times a week, but i think it’s probably a nice refresher once in a while for her.

Wow, the words. Everyday there are new ones. She knows SO many! When you sneeze, she says “Bless you!”, she knows animals, foods, actions, characters (Elmo, Pooh and Mickey Mouse, pronounced “mee-mouse”) and more. She’s also started stringing her words together to make mini-sentences like “Mommy, apple, go!”, “Bunny night-night” and “Go outside”. With this new language development, I also noticed a little bit of individual word regression. I think she’s trying so hard to string them together that sometimes words she used to know now come out jumbled, but I’m not worried, maybe that’s how it works? It’s pretty amazing to witness though.


Her favorite toys now are:
-Books (especially this Mickey Mouse set from Erika!, this “Look and Find” series, and these books!)
-Play Kitchen and all the pieces
-Stuffed Animals
-Her new Vtech flashlight

I can’t believe we’re already into 2014 which will bring us into her THIRD year of life. Doesn’t seem possible!


A Hollywood Christmas December 8, 2013

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Even though we have to resort to fake snow to feel like it’s winter, Hollywood sure knows how to celebrate the season!

I took Adele up to Universal CityWalk this weekend to see the giant tree and meet the big man in Red!


(Let me back up a sec to let you know this is our SECOND time up here this week. We tried to see Santa a few days prior, but somebody (ahem, me!) forgot to put the chip in the camera! Oy. We enjoyed that night anyways by being there in time to see the nightly snowfall there! That was cool.)

Anyways, fast forward to today. In the morning, we did a Gymboree class that was really fun and awesome. Adele had a blast and then promptly passed out in the car when it was over. She slept for THREE hours in her carseat. Long enough for me to trek across town, go to the mall (to shop for gifts AND try on clothes myself!), go home, drive to Universal, park, get Starbucks, walk around and STILL wait around for her to wake up for another 20 minutes or so!

IMG_2665 IMG_2698

When Adele woke up, I changed her into a red dress (which was actually EJ’s (Irving’s sister) when she was little!


Adele woke up all happy and was calling the tree ornaments ‘apples’. She was in a great mood, so I stepped in line and introduced her to Santa. She was not impressed. I sat her on his lap… and thus resulted in this:

Best Santa photo ever. Of course I felt bad for her, but I was also super excited that my child now joins the ranks of millions who have had traumatizing Santa experiences. It’s a right of passage, right? That photo was worth every penny of the $23 they charged me. (By the way, it was FREE the other night we were there… except somebody forgot the camera chip, remember?) But it was worth it for the above photo, am I right?!

As soon as I swooped in to save her from Santa, she was back in good spirits again. And HUNGRY!




We wandered around Citywalk a little longer (taking all of the photos you see in this post).




Back at home, I snapped a few more, because I couldn’t resist how adorable she looked today.



Side note: In the photo below, Adele was looking at the swaying chandelier that I hit with my head while standing on a chair taking this picture. HAHA

And because everyone loves comparison photo, here’s last year’s too!
santa santa

Happy Holidays, everyone!


O Christmas Tree! December 1, 2013

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The day after we got home from Las Vegas, we went out to get our Christmas Tree! I couldn’t wait any longer, I am pumped for the holidays!! We took our sleigh over to Home Depot to pick out our tree!



With Adele’s approval, we picked out the perfect tree!


HAHAHA Where’s the baby?



We usually go with the least expensive kind, the ones with the long, messy needles. But this year, I wanted something different, so we upgraded to the Noble Fir. When we got home, we realized the trunk was actually too thick for our stand (and our stand is industrial because after “The Great Christmas Tree Disaster of 2006“, we don’t mess around). Somehow, we got it wedged in enough to stand up straight, but the trunk doesn’t reach the water reservoir, so we’ll see how long it lasts. So far, no needles have fallen though!

We set it up after Adele went to bed and when she woke up the next morning, she was SO excited. So far, she’s been good about looking with our eyes and not with our hands. =)

Her favorite ornament is a random duck that we have. She found it on the tree right away and quacks at it every time she sees the tree!

Our newest ornament is the one we got in Zion!


I’m loving our Ikea “Dr. Suess” style Christmas Star too!

I can’t wait for Christmas!


Pop goes the Weasel November 29, 2013

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Coincidently, Irving’s mom was flying through Vegas on one of the days we were there. She had a few hours to lay over there, so we went to hang out and say hi!

She came bearing gifts! A ‘Jack-in-the-Box’ from when Irving was little. Adele LOOOVED it!
That was her favorite toy for the rest of our trip.
Jack and Adele are BFF’s now. And I’m stuck singing “All around the Mulberry Bush, the Monkey chased the weasel…” all day long. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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