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The Great Christmas Tree Disaster! December 10, 2006

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The Great 2006 Christmas Tree Adventure!

On December 2nd, Irving and I, along with a few friends, took the "Christmas Tree Train" up to the tree farm. We boarded the train in Fillmore, and made the 45 minute trip up to the Santa Paula tree farm. The train was so fun! It was a beautiful day, and all the window’s were open. We sang some Christmas carols, and Santa even came by to give us candy canes!!

Once we got to Santa Paula, we were on a mission to find the BEST Christmas tree in the whole world!! It wasn’t easy, but we finally found one! It is called a Monterey Pine!

Now the fun part!! Chopping it down! Irving did great with his handsaw. haha. Our friend John helped us too.

IMG_4761 (Small)
IMG_4760 (Small)

Now, we have it chopped…next step… carry the tree back to the train!

Look at those mountains… where in the world do they grow Christmas Trees in the desert!

Next, they take the tree and put it in the "shaker". This gets all the dead pine needles off of it.

Irving insisted he shake like the tree did!

Next, the tree goes into the netter…..

..And comes out all nice and small!

Next, the Boy Scouts load our tree onto the train!

Our Train…..

IMG_4787 (Medium)

IMG_4786 (Medium)

IMG_4785 (Medium)

IMG_4788 (Medium)

Riding back to Fillmore at sunset.

Next, we tied our tree to the roof of the car and drove it home. The stand we bought was too small to hold our tree, so at 10pm, we went
to Home Depot and bought a new (and expensive) tree stand. Whew. It worked…Then, the decorating begins!

Then, at midnight… we went to bed. But we woke up to:
The Great Christmas Tree DISASTER!

Our Christmas Tree had tipped over in the middle of the night!!! It just missed the TV by a few inches, but 16 bulbs broke 😦
We thought that it was too tall (almost 8 feet!) and too heavy (about 50 pounds).. so we decided to give it a little haircut. We cut about 6 inches off the
trunk, and cut about 12 branches off the bottom. (Irving did it all with a leatherman!) And finally, we were able to stand our tree up again.

7 1/2 Feet Tall and 50 Pounds 6 Feet Tall and 35 Pounds

But we love our Christmas Tree, and we are excited to have our first tree in our first home.

Merry Christmas!