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Skiing, Day 2! March 7, 2010

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We picked the right day to be back on the mountain! The Canada/USA Hockey game was on and EVERYONE was watching it…which meant we had the whole slope to ourselves! Literally, there was no one on the mountain but us. haha

Even this coffee shop shut down for the game!

The weather was perfect for skiing. Check out Whistler Village down below!

From one of the lifts, we could see the sliding center!

And then we stumbled upon the actual run the olympians used during some of the downhill and slalom events.

From up on the mountain, we knew Canada had won the hockey game because we could hear the village cheering from all the way up the top!!!! That’s how loud it was! We stopped skiing to listen to it, it was surreal.

Some of the runs took a couple of hours to do, and I knew I’d never make it down to the bottom in one piece after skiing all day. So I took the chairlift down! HAHA Irving raced me on skies and actually beat me!

Going down the lift!

HAHA…. I know, it’s cheating! But I have a race in a month and I didnt want to kill my legs!

The next day, we saw this sign posted on the slopes. HAHAHA (Click to enlarge)!