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Daily Musings… March 10, 2010

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I’m feeling snappy today… as in can’t sit still and totally excited about life. It’s a gorgeous day here today! Clear blue skies and a breezy 65 degrees. It’s PERFECT! I’m going to try to sneak in a walk or a run tonight, I just want to breathe in the fresh air and fill my lungs with smog fresh air.

This morning, I went to the local outdoor pool with my friend Janet!

We swam for an hour doing Lap Swimming and this:

Kickboard (using just our legs)

Water Buoy (using just our arms)

And Aqua Jogging

We weren’t sure if we were doing the Aqua Jogging right, but it was fun and I was breathing hard, so it must have been cardio, right?

Other Noteworthy Musings:
–They are shooting Desperate Housewives in my neighborhood again! They were filming in the local Bridal Shop this week… Who’s getting married? I think it might be Karen McClusky! Haha. Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks, right? I love to see production thriving in LA again.

–And oh yea, Um… Less than 6 weeks til the Boston Marathon! REALLY excited to come back to Boston and conquer Heartbreak Hill. Let me know if you’re planning on cheering me on so I know to look for you!

—Just a reminder… EVERYONE who donates to my  Dana-Farber fundraising pageis entered to win the Signed LA Galaxy Soccer Ball!