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Nerd Alert!! April 6, 2010

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So, with the help of Irving, I’m building my own Desktop Computer. I’m pretty excited about it. For months, I’ve been buying the pieces, one at a time. And now it’s getting close to being done! 

This week, we started to assemble the pieces together. First step: start with an empty tower:

Apparently, static electricity can do damage to the mother board, so you have to “ground” your body to the computer!

I was trying to remember all the things I learned in my electronics class in high school. Yep, you read that right, I took a class all about schematics and transistors in high school… by choice. HAHA NERD!

We started screwing things together one by one.

It’s all coming together!

I love how the motherboards totally look like little cities. Irving would say “ok, plug that into the 6 prong connector on the side”. And I’d respond “oh, you mean the hotel next to the water tower?” HAHA

It got a little confusing once it started getting crowded inside the tower, but I think we’re almost done!

She just needs a few more pieces, and pretty soon, I’ll be bloggin’ from a brand new system. I can’t wait!