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Our Icelandic Honeymoon Part 2 May 21, 2010

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After a wonderful couple of days by the Lagoon, we headed into Reykjavik for the rest of the trip. It had the beauty of Hawaii with the charm of Europe. It was lovely.

Iceland - 2009 (252)

Iceland - 2009 (254)

A statue of Leif Erikson! Remember him? History circa 3rd grade or something?

Iceland - 2009 (260)

We climbed up to the top of the Hallgrimskirkja Church.

Iceland - 2009 (280)

And from the top, there were amazing views!
Iceland - 2009 (284)

 Iceland - 2009 (291)

We even spotted our hotel!
Iceland - 2009 (292)

The interior of the church was really pretty as well!
Iceland - 2009 (271)

Iceland - 2009 (310)

The land of Vikings!
Iceland - 2009 (325)

Their language is so hard to understand!
Iceland - 2009 (329)

They eat whales and puffins!

Iceland - 2009 (335)

I wore the flowers from my wedding day in my hair almost the whole time. HAHA

Iceland - 2009 (338)

Iceland - 2009 (333)

I’m obsessed with the Olympics, so of course we had to visit the Iceland Olympic Training Center!
Iceland - 2009 (512)

This is the Hofdi House that Reagan met with Russia’s Gorbachev where they discussed ending the cold war in 1986!
Iceland - 2009 (524)

Then we headed out towards the ocean. The colors were breathtaking.
Iceland - 2009 (527)

Iceland - 2009 (532)

Along the bay, there is a famous hotdog stand…I know, that sounds really funny, right?
Iceland - 2009 (538)

But if Bill Clinton likes their hotdogs…we figured we should try them!
Iceland - 2009 (539)

Iceland - 2009 (541)

They were pretty good.

Iceland - 2009 (561)

These statues were made famous in the movie “101 Reykjavik”. If you look at it from the right angle, it looks like the guy farther away is putting the constitution up the other guy’s butt. lol
Iceland - 2009 (573)

Of course, hilarity ensued. We’re so mature.
Iceland - 2009 (579)

Iceland - 2009 (580)

Iceland - 2009 (582)

We took these pictures while waiting for a bus to take us to “The Pearl”!
Iceland - 2009 (584)

Iceland is so genius. Basically, this building houses four huge water tanks. But in the middle, they built a museum. Brilliant! They had an audio tour and they told you the history of the Vikings.
Iceland - 2009 (585)

The whole thing was animatronics. lol (remember the witch museum in Salem, MA? It’s kind of like that).
Iceland - 2009 (587)

Iceland - 2009 (591)

And then Irving and I pretended to be Vikings!
Iceland - 2009 (598)

I’m telling you! Best honeymoon EVER!
Iceland - 2009 (599)

Just a short walk from the pearl was one of their beaches.  Right on the beach is a thermal vent… so they built a container around it to contain the near boiling water…. then it feeds into the ocean. So you can swim at the beach and the water is WARM! Where do they come up with this stuff?
Iceland - 2009 (618)
Wish I’d thought of that!
Iceland - 2009 (630)

A shot of our Hotel Lobby:

Iceland - 2009 (636)

It’s funny, we actually were supposed to stay in the Hilton, but when we got there, they told us they were overbooked and had placed us in the Grand Hotel instead. It really didn’t matter, because this hotel was really pretty anyways. But for our “troubles” (i.e. having to lug our suitcases down the street to the new hotel), they offered us a free 7 course meal at the nicest restaurant in the Hilton.

The dinner took nearly four hours to eat! It was so nice!

Iceland - 2009 (500)

Iceland - 2009 (501)

On our last day, we had some extra Icelandic Dollars and stopped by a casino to spend them. We were just trying to get rid of them, it wasn’t worth that much. But Irving WON in the slot machine. LOL Now we had lots of Icelandic Dollars.

Iceland - 2009 (631)


I guess we are lucky in love!

Iceland - 2009 (510)

Stay tuned for part 3!