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Dinner #7 September 24, 2010

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As part of tonight’s I hate cooking dinner challenge, I made another recipe from my archive that I’ve been DYING to make.

Introducing… Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie. I found this recipe on Tina’s ‘Trading up Downtown’ blog.


When I got home from work and started whipping ingredients out of the fridge, Irving said, “Are you sure you want to cook again tonight? You really don’t have to!” I said, “what, are you sick of my cooking already? It’s only day 7!” haha But I think he was just impressed that I am still going strong on the dinner cooking front.

Truthfully, I’ve been LOVING this cooking challenge. I’ve actually begun to enjoy it. Cooking is my time in the kitchen to unwind. Irving hooked our computer up to the tv in the kitchen, so he’ll come and hang out in there too and we have a blast spending an hour just catching up and getting some things done.

I found that when I have a recipe to follow and have all the ingredients I need, it’s actually pretty easy. I thought that cooking would kill my night and I’d have no time to get anything else done, but I’ve actually been MORE productive. I get the dishes done while things are in the oven, and a few other things here and there.

But I digress.. back to my pie!

Yesterday’s meal was meat-free, so I think Irving was happy to have a manly meal tonight. He really liked it.

Even though this recipe has paprika, Worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper, we both agreed it could have used some Frank’s Red Hot sauce or something to kick it up a notch. Next time…

And just for fun… I took Erika and Timmy’s dog out for a walk today. He’s so cute!

PS… are you guys sick of my dinner challenge posts? 14 days is a long time, huh?