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Sunny with a chance of showers! October 12, 2010

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My oldest friend, Linsay, is getting married in February and this weekend was her surprise bridal shower near Boston. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world so I booked a quick trip back home for Columbus Day weekend so I could celebrate with her and see some family.

It was a GORGEOUS weekend in Boston… warm breeze and sunny skies, the perfect New England fall weather everyone always hopes for. It was just beautiful. I always wonder why people in New England put up with the cold winters… but it was weekends like this that definitely make it worth it.

First thing’s first… Linsay’s shower! There was more food than I’ve ever seen at a single party. And it was all prepared by Linsay’s aunt and mom. It was just amazing. The morning of the big party, everyone pitched in to get everything ready.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the food we had. The theme was “autumn” and everything fell right into place. It was just lovely.


A variety of homemade muffins


A Cheese Ball that was made to look like “logs” and a “pumpkin”. It was GORGEOUS.

IMG_0023 IMG_0024

Her colors are aqua and brown… so these cake bites were PERFECT! (And delicious!)

My mom made these. They were frosted sugar cookies made to look like bacon and eggs! SO CUTE!


Tuna Salad stuffed pastries


Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits in cute bride and groom shot glasses!



Cream Cheese Cups

Shrimp Cocktail in Shot Glasses


The highlight (in my opinion) These are Nilla Wafers and chocolate chips that looked like Acorns!!! How AMAZING is this?!

A cheese block that looked like a pinecone. (They thought of EVERYTHING!)

Chocolate dipped spoons (for coffee) with autumn sprinkles. (Funny story, Linsay found one of these TINY sprinkles on the floor a few days before the shower and asked what they were. I think her mom made something up, but close call!)

IMG_0027 IMG_0055

You guys, there was SO much more than this. There were sandwiches, bacon, omlettes, spiral ham, potatoes, casseroles, fruit, desserts, breads, cookies, egg salad sandwiches on crackers…. you name it…it was there!

But enough about the (impressive) food spread… What about the Bride to Be!?

She was incredibly surprised, she really had NO idea!

She thought that her brother, his wife, she and her fiance were all going to ‘take couples pictures’ together. And she INSISTED they all wear matching black shirts and tan pants. HAHA luckily they’re  all great sports and did what she asked. It was really funny when they all showed up wearing the same thing though.

They are just adorable (Note: Nolan, her fiance, said he “forgot” his tan pants at his sister’s house, where the shower was) which was ‘why they had to stop there first’. Nice work!

My mom and Linsay’s mom have been friends for over 20 years!

Me and my mom!

The beautiful bride to be and I!


Boy did she get a lot of gifts!

She is one lucky girl!
IMG_0081  IMG_0080

Jess did a great job with the ”Rehearsal Boquet’ with all those ribbons!

Linsay’s amazing friend Tricia (who just got engaged!)


With me too!

We played a few fun games including ‘dress up the bride with toilet paper, ribbon and tape.

IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0096

Look at these beauties!

It was an incredible shower, they really outdid themselves. Linsay, I can’t wait for your wedding!