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Christmas Came Early! November 30, 2010

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Wow… today UPS came not only to drop off ONE present… but TWO! We’ve been on an ordering frenzy lately! Tis the Season I guess!

The first package was our order from Omaha Steaks!

We like to order from them once a year. It’s enough meat to last us at least four months. Crazy!

Wow, that’s a lot of meat!

Somehow, we managed to fit it all inside the freezer!

All this meat is in addition to three pounds of ground beef, four chicken cutlets, frozen chicken nuggets, a rack of ribs from Costco and this six pound prime rib Irving bought from Harris Ranch! Crazy, right?

And then we got our giant box of K-Cup coffees for our Keurig!

We now have 28 flavors in our cupboards… this too should last about four months! I feel like Starbucks. Ha!

They even shipped a little present in there… Spicy Eggnog Coffee 
(Irving, you can have it, that actually sounds kind of gross).

And they also included a roll of Smarties in the box (which I think might have been an accident?! Random!

And to top off all the great mail today… I got the postcard I mailed myself from Egypt!

Here’s what I wrote to us:

Hi Kelley and Irving,
Right now, you are aboard a ship that is floating down the Nile River in Egypt. You are having the time of your life and you know how lucky you are to be exploring Egypt so young. It is a tough country to visit, but definitely worth it. You rode camels, went inside the second pyramid, saw the sphinx, flew to Abu Simbel, learned hieroglyphics, rode an overnight train to Aswan and had an amazing time doing all of it. We were so nervous about traveling here, but it will be remembered as an incredible experience. Keep Traveling! The world is your oyster!

That is good advice for myself, right?

Dinner on Monday included Thanksgiving Dinner Round II!


Because once just isn’t enough. lol

PS… SO excited Christmas music is on the radio now. I’ve been listening for two weeks and I love it. The music paired with our 35* weather right now, and I’m definitely in the Christmas Spirit. We’re getting our tree this week!! Woot!