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Chocolate Rain! December 21, 2010

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Remember that ‘Chocolate Rain’ song that caught YouTube by storm a few years back? Good song!

It’s been raining non-stop in LA for almost a week now! I’m an east coaster, I LOVE when it rains. But this is getting a little out of hand. The sun can come back now!!

I totally have cabin fever this week. I’m craving a good long run, fresh air and sunshine endorphins. I haven’t been sleeping well either. Sigh.

Anyways, last night, I worked on making some Christmas Chocolates for a co-worker. She remembered my ‘Chocolate Cures Cancer’ fundraiser from last year and commissioned a fresh batch for her family.


Irving’s mom is the amazing chocolatier, but I had to do this batch all on my own. Things started out pretty good… After burning TWO of the SIX batches I made, I finally figured out that I just had the heat too high. It all worked out in the end! Whew!


While the chocolate was melting, I entertained myself with a little math equation to find out if I had enough Chocolate for the project.


For you math wizards out there, here was the situation:

-I had two chocolate molds. One tray held 12 stars. The other tray held 18 pinwheels.
-Each Bag of chocolate was enough to make 4 star trays and 5 pinwheel trays.
-In order to have enough pieces in each goodie bag, I needed 44 stars and 55 wheels total.


Math is fun. Smile

Stay in school, kids!

In other news, EJ and Sarah sent us the most AMAZING homemade Marshmallows this weekend!!! Then they rolled them in Oreos, Pretzels, and Graham Crachers (S’Mores!) Oh man, they were delicious! Thank you! 


Sarah and EJ, Do you guys want to do a guest post about how you made these? Surely you documented the process, yes?!