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Traveling Together January 14, 2011

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Let’s face it, I’m a lucky girl.

I’m lucky in love with this man:

We love being home in LA, but we are happier people when we travel. We both have this lust for the ‘seeing and doing’ in life. The adventure of planning and the prospect of a road trip. We get giddy thinking up ways to explore more. Travel definitely defines us, and we love to do it together.

But rest assured, we each also have our own passions and hobbies. I love my craft nights and running. And this man LOVES his golf!

When Irving agreed to come to Phoenix for my marathon weekend, I thought he was just being nice. I kept asking him, “Are you sure you want to come all the way out? I’ll be busy doing my running thing.” But he told me he’d come anyways and would love to come explore Phoenix a little bit. What a guy!

And then I discovered this!

Just a mere .3 miles from the Race Finish line… is a golf course!

My days will be packed with Race Expos, Running, and Post Running festivities. And he’ll be happily golfing in the desert sun for a couple of days.

Marriage is all about balance and compromise and this weekend is going to be amazing because of that. We will each be fulfilled with things that make us happy, and on Monday, we plan to hang out together and catch up before making the trek back to LA. Can’t wait!