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Life in the Arizona Desert January 18, 2011

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In Phoenix, we stayed at the Legacy Resort. It was a timeshare that we scored through a third party website. It wasn’t the nicest place we’ve ever stayed (I’ll leave that title up to the Encore in Vegas!) but it was comfortable, clean and nice. And Irving played the golf course twice while we were there.

Monday, we laid out by the pool (in the shade!) and read our books. It was nice to relax since we don’t do much of that at home. Oh vacations, how I love you.

When we got hungry, we headed over the the clubhouse for lunch before our long drive back.

The scenery was so pretty. I love the desert landscapes.

I had an amazing Taco salad. It hit the spot. (I donated most of my shell to Irving, and he shared some fries).

Then we got on the road right away, hoping to get back home at a decent hour.

So cool to see these big old cacti along the road.

The whole way back we listened to old NPR episodes of This American Life. I love that show. The stories are so well told and they don’t make me feel dumb when they tell them.

When we were an hour outside of LA, we decided to stop at “Old Spaghetti Factory” for a quick over an hour bite to eat.