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Sunday Supper at Samba January 30, 2011

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It rained in LA today, and I loved every minute of it. We ran around and did a bunch of errands and then I cozied up on the couch and finished reading Meb’s book. I love reading about running, it inspires me. I can not people humans can run 4-minute miles. It boggles my mind. I recommend the book to runners, especially anyone who has done New York or Boston.

We decided to end the weekend with a bang and head to CityWalk for dinner tonight.

Our dinner companions tonight were the fabulous Erika and Timmy. We both bought a coupon a while back for Samba and we have been dying to try it. It’s always fun to play ‘tourist’ for a night and walk around CityWalk.


Samba is tucked in the back, behind the Hard Rock Café.

It’s a Brazilian Steakhouse served buffet style. There are two parts, first, the unlimited salad bar, and second, fresh meat shaved off of a spit right onto your plate. But first… The Salad Bar!

They had SO many amazing side dishes.


Lots of different kinds of veggies, salads, sides and bread! Oh man, the bread had cheese baked into it. DELICIOUS!

The staff walks around with all different types of meat, and if you want it, you put this card on the green side, and if you don’t, you flip it over to red.

They had lamb, beef, chicken, steak, tri-tip all cooked with a different spice or seasoning. My favorite was the bacon-wrapped chicken. MMm!

The décor was festive and modern. It was swanky yet casual. Very nice.

In the middle of the meal, these Brazilian dancers came out and danced for a while. It was fun entertainment, I felt like I was at the Rio in Las Vegas.


We ate SO much, it was a delicious meal. We went for a mile walk after dinner, I definitely needed that to digest. We’re lucky to have such great friends close by to enjoy these adventures with.

I’m off to watch the new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie with Betty White! Have a great week!