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Food, Fotos, Friends February 3, 2011

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Yesterday, I was pretty much starving all day. I walked 7 miles throughout the day. And I’m trying to eat healthy and balanced, but clearly I wasn’t eating enough. I was tired, dizzy and cranky. This girl needs more carbs in her life! You just can’t win sometimes. Sometimes, you have to listen to your body. While I cooked, I made my own seltzer water using my lovely Soda Stream machine!

Just a few seconds later, I had some crisp sparking H2O!

For dinner, I tried Roni’s Crescent Roll Pizza Casserole recipe. Not to toot my own horn, but this stuff was GOOOOD! It was pretty easy to make too. And had lots of veggies in it.

The hardest part was opening up the crescent roll cans. I’m so afraid of that ‘popping’ sound it makes! Scary!

But after that, it was smooth sailing! It came out perfect!

I dined with my friend Erica and we chatted about blogs and photography. She’s a really good photographer, so I picked her brain about a few things. We spent the rest of the night experimenting with settings. We have the same camera, so it was really helpful!

I’m excited to start using this camera instead of my point and shoot now. Look out world, here I come!

We went for a walk and did some experimenting with long exposure. I have some more learning to do, but Erica got this shot. You’d never know it was 10pm at night!

I walked before work today and took the bus to work! Look at me being all healthy and green. It’s something I’d like to do at least once a week.