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Hollywood’s Biggest Night! February 27, 2011

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What did you guys think of the Oscars? I was entertained… but a bit confused at times. I think Melissa Leo was drunk… very strange speech. And Anne Hathaway’s dresses were just… BAD! Who’s with me?

I watched the Oscars with my friend Erica and it was awesome. She’s got lots of film knowledge and she fills me in on the important info. She is also an amazing cook, and she whipped up such a great (Oscar-worthy) meal! Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Lemon Chicken and a Red Quinoa salad with raisins, cinnamon and pears. It was delicious. I contributed the colored cauliflower. I love colorful meals like this!

I only saw two of the nominated “Best Picture” films (Social Network and King’s Speech), so I guessed on most of the categories. I got 11 out of 24 right though!

For dessert, I made a new recipe. I hooked the laptop up to the tv in the kitchen to search for good dessert ideas. **

I found these Peanut Butter Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, that ended up being pretty good.

Served along side some Jelly Belly Beans (I have a million of them, remember?)

The show was good, the food was great, and the company was unrivaled. Thanks for a great night, Erica!


**Remember when Irving stole moved our TV off our bedroom wall to put it in the kitchen? Well we finally got a new one that should be installed tomorrow. Can’t wait to watch Netflix in bed again!