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Blogger Meetup: “My Run” Movie Premiere! March 1, 2011

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There is a great movie coming out about a 57-year old widower and father who ran 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days! The movie is called “My Run.” It is premiering in theaters across the country live on March 31 at 7pm and I wanted to turn the event into a running blogger meetup!

I would love to watch this movie surrounded by enthusiastic runners. It looks like an inspiring movie, so if anyone wants to join me, I’ll be viewing it in Santa Anita that night.

We could also grab some fro-yo after too! Email me at kelocity at gmail dot com if you’re interested!

Here’s the trailer:


I’m not being compensated or perked for posting this, I just really want to see it with other excited runners! Who’s in?