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Gorgeous Green Guac March 3, 2011

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On my way home from work today, I realized that the sun was hanging out longer than usual. There was still an hour of daylight left. I got so excited. Dusk is my favorite time of day. I quickly changed and headed out the door for a nice 2 mile run. Add that to our 2 mile walk this morning and that’s 4 miles for the day. And it felt good!

Dinner tonight was another one of our Dream Dinners. We had the Tex Mex Fajitas. It was super easy to make. While Irving took care of everything on the stove, I got to work on the Guacamole. I looooooove Guacamole. Trader Joes makes it simple with their Guac Kit!

It has everything you need.

So pretty!

But I wont, because this is just so good!

The extra lime went great with some water. So refreshing! (I even picked the straws to match the Green theme!)

All together now.

Eaten on the bar with some Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Hi Hubby!

Off to go watch The American… We have low expectations for it, but we’re on a movie kick lately. Night!