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Packing for Europe–The Essentials Part 2 September 4, 2011

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A few weeks back I posted about my favorite travel essentials for a trip to Europe. Now we’re packing up for real, so I wanted to share what my suitcase actually ended up looking like.

Let’s start with my toiletries bag. I have all the basics in here and separated into two general compartments. The clear plastic also makes things easy to find.

Then there’s the “just in case” things I added to the left side:

And my “I swear I’m not a drug addict I just like to be prepared” items:
(benedryl, pepto, cold meds (night and day), unisom (for the overnight train ride) and some perscription cipro. Although you can find over-the-counter drugs easily in Europe, you don’t want to have to go looking if you need it.

I packed extremely light for this trip and I plan to wear a few items over again.

His and Hers packing piles.

I packed 11 t-shirts that I will layer with two long sleeve cardigans.


And I rounded it out with two cotton travel dresses.

I also brought 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of capris.
The pants, cardigans and dresses ended up in an Eagle Creek travel folder:

And all my t-shirts fit into a cube:

Socks and the such fit into a small cube, and this is everything I packed.

I added a pair of flip flops and some sketchers that I can dress up or down.

I also packed a laundry bag and my travel sheets.

Here’s my deconstructed suitcase:

All fit nicely into my Eagle Creek 30” rolling duffel.

His and hers luggages… mine is only 3” taller, but it looks gigantic in this picture. I swear it’s actually a relatively small bag.

Ok. Carry On. I brought my travel purse and collapsible tote (both from Eagle Creek) on the plane with me.


The deconstructed contents:

Not pictured: books, magazines and the laptop. Easy peasy.

One more thing I wanted to share. Irving’s carry on bag was his LowePro camera bag (that fits a surprisingly amount of other things too).

He locks it shut with a simple S-clip from REI. It’s not fool-proof, but will definitely deter potential thieves.


So there you go. That’s just about everything we brought. I love talking about packing and travel gear so let me know if you have any specific questions!