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Life on a Bus–Arriving into Warsaw September 25, 2011

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After a quiet and difficult morning at Auschwitz, we began our drive north towards Warsaw.

We knew we’d have a long bus day ahead without an official stop for lunch so we stocked up on some food the night before. Be aware that Contiki often skips lunches in order to pack in more sightseeing. We had some crackers, water, chips and chocolate.

Along the way, we stopped briefly in Czestochowa to see the Black Madonna,  inside the Jasna Gora Monastery. There was an actual mass going on when we got there so the church was packed. I didn’t really see it, but Irving said he did. It looks like this, and apparently it’s pretty famous?

Then we kept on truckin’ bussin’ towards Warsaw.

In Europe (and I’m sure in the states) there are rules about how many hours the coach drivers can go at one time. There are mandatory rest breaks that we had to account for and the engine has to be turned off for a bit in between. Because of all of the construction on those small Polish roads, we got set back a bit and had to stop for dinner before we got into Warsaw. We pulled into a giant shopping mall with a food court and grabbed some food.

This is why I love Contiki. Everyone is in the same boat bus and you roll with the punches. We laughed about it and had a great meal with our new friends.

Not a bad salad for mall food! After having… um… CHIPS for lunch, veggies were welcomed!

Irving’s plate:

We weren’t far from our hotel at that point and checked in right when we arrived. It was the best hotel of the tour for sure! A Marriott! SCORE! We loved it and were happy to spend two nights there! We were impressed.

Warsaw was technically the last stop of the Contiki tour and many people flew out when we were done there… which was convenient for them since the hotel was literally across the street from the airport!  I was glad we weren’t leaving Europe just yet, but it was nice for those who were!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! We still have to explore Warsaw and then finish another 5 days in Germany and Austria before we have to go back to the states!

Stay tuned for Warsaw!