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Photography Challenge Update: SF Edition October 19, 2011

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I’m doing these a little out of order here, but have no fear, I’ll make sure to post all 30 days worth of the Photography Challenge.

Day 11 – Something Blue
Oh yes, my friends. My something blue is my Tiffany’s necklace I got this weekend after completing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon for the 7th time! Instead of a race medal, all finishers get a necklace in this blue box (handed out by a firefighter in a tux!!) I proudly present my Something Blue!
2011 Nike Marathon (32)

Day 12 – Sunset
This was taken out the window during our 6-hour drive back to San Francisco after the race. Taken with my five year old cell phone. (What? This was a photography challenge? he he!) Even so, I was able to capture a light flare!

Day 13 – Myself with 13 Things
I decided to go with the intangible route. My ‘13 things’ is the 13 miles I walked this weekend with my Hubby during the half marathon.
2011 Nike Marathon (26)

I have plans to actually play with my Irving’s nice camera this weekend so I’m hoping to get more artistic. It’s already almost Thursday! Where is the weekend?!