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Endeavor Flyover September 21, 2012

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I’ve always been fascinated with space. When I was little, I would set up my telescope and stay outside for hours looking at the moon and the stars. I vividly remember looking at the Hale Bopp comet when it came by. In fourth grade, I did a presentation on why Sally Ride was my hero. I wanted to grow up to be an astronaut. I dreamed of going to Space Camp (remember that movie?!) And I was so excited when my family visited the Kennedy Space Center in fifth grade.

So when I found out that the Endeavor Space Shuttle would be flying over Los Angeles today, I was pretty excited. Irving got up early to hike up to the Hollywood Sign. But since it was 97* out today, we decided not to take Adele up there. I sent him on his way solo with clear instructions to take LOTS of pictures! While he was waiting, he first took some awesome shots of Hollywood.





Then the big event!! Here comes the space shuttle!





But I was determined to catch my own glimpse of history, so I packed up the baby and we headed to Universal Studios (where it was supposed to also do a flyover!)
Don’t worry, Adele. Someday, you’ll learn about this day in school and you can say you saw it!

We waited in the shade at City Walk with a crowd of people. Tourists kept walking by saying “what are you all waiting for?” And I responded “We’re waiting for the shuttle” and they all thought I meant the Universal Studios shuttle. haha I corrected myself to say “The Space Shuttle!”

Finally, after two hours of waiting… it arrived!

And it was as magical as I expected. I actually got tears in my eyes watching it. A piece of history right above my head. Amazing.

So proud to have the shuttle in my new hometown of Los Angeles. Can’t wait to visit the exhibit when it opens!
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To infinity and beyond!