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Baby Does the LACMA! December 12, 2012

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We’ve been meaning to get back to the LACMA for years so when the opportunity came up to go with friends, we were in! They have an awesome program that allows all kids under age 18 (plus one adult) to get into the museum for FREE anytime you want to go! It’s called NexGen if anyone in LA is interested!

Adele was proud to wear her NexGen badge!

Mmm, badges are tasty!

Before we went inside, we checked out the new art installment outside called the “Levitated Mass“. It’s a giant rock from a quarry in LA that is suspended above the ground.

Levitated Mass = Levitated Babies! (It’s embarrassing how excited we were to take these photos).




Me: Hey, Adele! Check out that HUGE rock above your head.
Adele: Who cares mom, check out my awesome Badge!




We checked out a few exhibits inside, but the highlight was Metropolis!

All the noise from those moving matchbox cars was enough to lull Adele into a slumber!

When we left, all three of us were exhausted! Adele graced us with a two hour nap so both Irving and I got a decent nap in too! It was heavenly and so needed.

What an awesome day! I’m looking forward to checking out a few more attractions like this with Adele in the next few months: LA Zoo, Long Beach Aquarium, Getty! Any more suggestions?