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Oh, Ikea…. December 28, 2012

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I love Ikea. Half of my furniture in my house is Ikea. And now most of Adele’s toys came from there as well. But I can’t ignore how funny their stuff is sometimes. Everything we buy has at least one thing wrong with it. For example, their picture frames are not made for America’s standards 4×6 or 8×10 photos. All of our pictures have to be cropped or matted to fit into them. But we love their stuff and continue to shop there. The price is right, anyways!

But please join me in laughing at how funny this is. We got Adele two toys from Ikea for Christmas, both of which we love. But really, Ikea?

EXHIBIT A: The Shape Sorter
Compared to all the Fisher Price and Playskool models out there, this is a deal at $4.99. The house is made from solid wood and made in Sweden. It’s the perfect size for Adele and she LOVES to put all the shapes inside and take them all out again.

It will be great for teaching Adele shapes someday…
IMG_8452Look, Adele, it’s a square…a circle..a triangle…and a….Window?

Oh, Ikea.

EXHIBIT B: Titta Folk
So cute! Where else can you get a snorkeler, a santa and an Amish man finger puppet all in one set? I mean, it’s kinda awesome. titta

It’s a fun set to sing “Where is Thumbkin” too and Adele likes to chew on their heads.

But seriously… why is the tag on the ghost so big? It’s twice the size of the puppet itself!

Oh, Ikea….