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Random Thoughts August 14, 2013

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-Twice this week, we took Adele for stroller walks and she lost a sock! We backtracked the first time and found it on the sidewalk…. but the second time, no luck. Why is it so impossible to keep socks on little toddler toes?

-Adele’s new favorite food? Corn on the cob. I have never seen her so excited to eat something ever!

-The pantry is clean and organized! Now if only I had enough motivation to attack my baking/spice cabinets. Sigh.
IMG_9975I spy Noodle Soup! Now I want some. So bad, but sooooo good! Don’t judge. 

-I went through Adele’s drawers last week too and separated out the clothes that no longer fit. So sad how fast they grow!

-Don’t think I’ve posted this picture yet. LOVE!
Film Shoot Photoshoot (8)


-I got Bronchitis again this week! (The week I turn 30!!) Is this going to become a yearly tradition? Man, I hope not!

-I signed up for a challenge on this month and so far, it’s going well! I bet $25 that I would lose 4% of my body weight in 30 days…. and I’m happy to say I met my goal (two weeks early)! I’ve basically started walking more and eating a 1200 calorie/day diet. It’s amazing what eating more vegetables can do for your body. =)