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Wheels Up September 2, 2013

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Adele is air borne again. I have to look back to confirm, but i think this was her 15th flight. This time, the destination was Indianapolis to visit her grandma and aunties. I flew with her alone and i was admittedly a little nervous. The older and more mobile she gets, the more being confined in a seat for 4 hours with her scares me.

I got to the airport early and actually saw my college roommate in the terminal. We chatted and hit up starbucks together. Then adele fell asleep in the carrier while we waited to board. I hadnt realized it, but i looked at my watch and realized our departure time had passed. I only had 20 minutes to make my connection in Houston to begin with…enter panic. I talked to the gate agent who agreed to put me up in a hotel in houston if i missed the second leg. Adele and i love adventure so we boarded anyways and hoped for the best.

The flight was pretty quick. We passed the time with snacks, the tea tin, books and toys. People were commenting on what a good baby she was…then 3/4 thru the flight was “The Great Apple Juice Disaster of flight 286”. The lady next to me fell asleep with her tray table down…and her full glass of apple juice on top. Before i even realized what was happening, Adele swooped in and threw her table up and the drink came crashing down. Ahhhh! I apologized profusely and offered to buy her something stronger (!) But she was so nice and declined. Oy vey.

Once we landed, i strapped Adele into the carrier and ran (I mean RAN) to our next flight only to find out it too was delayed so we were fine (even early). Whew. I bought adele some milk in the meantime. When we boarded, i headed straight to the back of the plane and scored one of only two empty seats next to me. Yessss. Anyone who has flown with kids understands this is life changing.

She did great on the second leg too. She played peekaboo with the kind people across the aisle, she played games on the kindle and read books. (One of her books has a picture of a banana in it and she sees it and squeals “NANA” when she sees it!)

When we landed, we had two very excited aunties waiting for hugs. And grandma was anxiously waiting at home for us too. So far, it has been a great week. I will be back soon with a full recap and LOTS of pictures. we are all having a blast!