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Unlucky 21 December 22, 2013

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Yesterday, Adele and I were slated to fly to Boston for the holidays. I had been somewhat dreading it for weeks. Keeping a toddler happy and quiet on your lap (with zero legroom) for six hours is miserable! But I was armed with tricks to get us through. Our flight was supposed to leave at 1p. Adele fell asleep on me before I got thru security and I was in good spirits!

Right before we should have boarded they announced our flight would be almost 6 hours delayed! Apparently we didn’t have a plane and they had to send one from the east coast! Whaaaat? We found a quiet corner and hunkered down.

A tea tin with a few plastic rings, two books and two mini tubs of play – doh kept her busy for five hours. She is the best.

Once it was time to board, she was worn out and I had high hopes she would sleep…we had a seat in the last row. She was happy. Then it all went downhill…kicking seats, thwoing books, screaming…

I tried for three hours to get her to sleep. Mostly using the ergo. There was a reason I was trying to avoid a red eye! This stinks. She was not only fighting sleep, she was fighting me! Hitting, yelling “no no no” over and over. At one point I just stood in the back doing squats while bouncing….and sobbing. Haha what else can you do? Finally she passed out and slept on me for the last 3 hours.

Somehow we made it. 6 hours late. Unlucky flight #21 for her.

But we are here! Excited for the week ahead!