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Ringing in the New Year January 1, 2014

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When my friends asked me what I was doing for New Years this week I told them all I was hanging out with my mom and going to bed at 9pm. And that’s exactly what I did. And then at 12:01am as the East Coast was ringing in the New year, Adele woke up yelling “Mama! Down!” She was wide awake. My mom and I alternated picking her up, rubbing her back and trying to get her to fall back asleep. Eventually I dragged her into bed with me, which to her meant playtime. We were lying there in the dark and she was talking up a storm.

“Cookie?” –no baby, it is the middle of the night. No cookies.

“Milk?” –here, have a sip of water. “Milk?” And she practically pushed me out of bed so I would get her some. “Cookie?” No cookie. Just milk.

“Daddy?” — yep, we will see daddy tomorrow, but we have to go to bed first. And then she made the ‘shhh’ sound. That’s right, we have to be quiet and sleep.

“YODEL-DEE YODEL” Adele, grammie and grandpa are sleeping. Go to sleep.

Eventually I strapped her into the Ergo and walked around the dark, quiet house. She slept on me into the wee hours of the morning. Just the two of us enjoying the first moments of 2014. No one else I would rather celebrate with (except irving of course).

Being a parent is tough sometimes, but when there are snuggles to be had, I will take it. Happy new year!