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Santa Barbara Zoo March 4, 2014

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On Presidents’ Day, Irving and I both had the day off and we wanted to get out of LA and do something fun as a family. We tossed around a few ideas and decided on the Santa Barbara Zoo. Rumor has it that it’s smaller and easier to maneuver than the LA Zoo we have right down the street. And we were definitely impressed.

It gets a two toddler-approved thumbs up!



It was busy, but at times, we had entire exhibits to ourselves. Adele had so much fun. She was taking in everything!


Hi Mr. Turtle!IMG_4408

She loved the Elephants (pronounced ‘el-fint’) She was completely mesmerized watching them eat. 




Sometimes, as a mom, I try to simplify things for Adele so that she’ll understand them. For example, when we got to this exhibit, I said “Adele, look at the Monkey! Hi Monkey!” And in response she said “Gorilla!” (pronounced ‘Go-ril-ra’). Um, how did she know this was a Gorilla and not a monkey? Then I felt dumb for assuming she wouldn’t know the difference! Irving and I were both impressed. And ever since, she’s OBSESSED with gorillas. We even have a gorilla book at home that has become a new favorite.

We ‘splurged’ on the train ride. It takes you around the zoo and shows you some of the exhibits from other angles. We had to wait in line for 15 minutes or so, but Adele did great. This is her ‘say cheese’ face. (A smile on demand! I love it!)



On the train! She’s concentrating very hard.IMG_4433

I think she was looking at a bird in a tree in this picture. Girl’s got good eyes!IMG_4436



Hi baby giraffes!! (pronounced ‘baby giff-aff’)

You can see the train we rode in the background! So cute!


We had a blast at the zoo. We hope to visit again soon!