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Equinophobia: Is it hereditary? April 8, 2014

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I’ve had a fear of horses for years. It’s irrational, I know, but you couldn’t pay me to ride a horse now. The last time I did, over ten years ago, my horse jumped up and I ended up walking a few miles back to the base while someone else pulled my horse. haha

Well, it appears my daughter has inherited this fear as well… we brought her to the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round this weekend and this picture pretty much sums up that experience:

The Merry-Go-Round is 75 years old and still looks the same as it did way back then! It’s really cool to ride actually. But she was so scared, I felt so bad!
IMG_4870Get me outta here!




Truthfully, I think the music is creepier than the horses. It’s old-fashioned carnival music. It fits the ride perfectly, but it’s really loud and ‘scary-clown’ scary for sure. haha

Even though she didn’t love it while we were riding, for the rest of the day she talked about how the horses went “up and down”.



Feeling braver now that she’s on the other side of the fence. ha!


Well, baby’s first merry-go-round experience… time will tell if there will be a second!IMG_4893