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Beijing After Dark April 28, 2014

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When we arrived into Beijing, we got a taxi to our hotel. After a short walk around the area, we came back to meet up with our tour group. We are on Contiki’s China Adventure and we are excited beyond belief!

After a brief introduction to what we can expect over the next two weeks, we all walk together towards the Wangfujing Night Market. I had heard it was exotic and shocking to Westerners, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the smell! You could literally smell it a block away and it burned my nose. So many odd scents mixing together and wafting in the evening air.

Everything at the market is served on a stick and the locals come in droves to buy them. They had all kinds of delicacies including starfish, snakes, beetles, organs, squid and more. It was a bit nauseating after a while, but I braved the smell to snap a few pictures!

Instead of dining on these ‘street snacks’, our group headed across the street to the mall for dinner.

But we’re still a little queasy after seeing the market and a day full of travel, so we decide to walk around the mall instead of eating.

We’re staying in the Sunworld Hotel and it was actually quite nice. We’re ready for our first full day of our tour tomorrow!