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Love those Summer Nights! July 26, 2010

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Saturday night, Erika and Timmy and Ashley and JR and Irving and I packed up a picnic and headed to the Hollywood Bowl to see Planet Earth Live.


From their website:

Spectacular footage from the celebrated BBC television series Planet Earth is shown in stunning high-definition on the Bowl’s big screen, accompanied by the Los Angeles Philharmonic under the baton of the series’ award-winning composer, George Fenton. Together they will take you on an epic journey through the earth’s most amazing environments, featuring some of nature’s most mysterious and beautiful creatures.

But first…. THE FOOD!


Ashley made homemade Chicken Salad Sandwiches!

Erika made Baked Beans (that I tried and liked!) It was really good!!!

I made Pasta Salad!

What a fun picnic!

Oh you want to see us?

Ash and JR!

Erika and Timmy!

Irving and I!

YAY for Hollywood Bowl Picnics! Those are just the BEST!

I was making fun of Timmy because he ate the Pasta Salad… but left out all the veggies! That’s the best part! I ate them for him. I ❤ crunchy celery. I’m weird.

Erika’s Cookies… oh man, TO DIE FOR!

I mean look at those Chocolate Chips!

The show was fantastic. My favorite night at the bowl EVER.

The animals in it were SO CUTE! I especially loved the polar bears.

There was a cute little kid behind us asking every 5 minutes: “Is that the mommy? Where is the baby? Is the baby following the mommy?” Awe. Little kids love little animals. It was adorable.


North Carolina Zoo!! November 22, 2009

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I went to North Carolina this weekend to visit my friend Erika and her husband Timmy. It was so great seeing them and their family. Even though I only see Erika once or twice a year, it’s always like no time at all has passed when we’re together. She just cracks me up. Thanks for a great weekend!!

I was only there for 48 hours, so we made the most of our time there. It was an awesome balance of conversation,exploring and enjoying the east coast fall weather. 

On Saturday, we went to the North Carolina Zoo!



Polar Bear! (I love his reflection in the water!
Bald Eagle. It was actually pretty cool to see one this close. I felt so American!

The Sea Otters…. so sleepy!
How awesome is this fall scenery?

I’ve waited my whole life to see a Venus Flytrap!!!!


These Orange Pine Needles remind me of building forts at home!

A Polar Bear? Poor Guy. He was totally out of place here. I kinda felt bad. He looked so sad and lonely. And for the record, mud is NOT the same as snow. He needs a bath!


Long lost friends! Together at last!

A Lion!

Gorilla… an ANGRY gorilla!

Where are the Elephants?

There they are!


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