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We <3 Having friends in town! May 17, 2010

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We had such a great time with Erika and Timmy this weekend!

We took them to Philippe’s in Downtown LA. If you haven’t been yet, you really should. It’s one of those old Hollywood joints, where coffee is still 9 cents a cup! They are best known for inventing the original French Dip sandwich!


In typical Kelley fashion, I didn’t order the French Dip…. I got the cheese sandwich!


It was thick cheddar cheese on a crusty roll. Yes please!

Erika and I both got Pickles… of course.


After we ate, we headed down to the Home Depot Center to catch a LA Galaxy game!
JR and Ashley met us down there too!! It was a great game.

The boys (JR, Irving, Timmy):

Erika and I:

I missed a picture with Ashley!!! Aweee.

It was Military Appreciation night!

I spent most of the game trying to get a good picture of Landon Donovan. haha

IMG_3784 IMG_3788

Because of our amazing seats, we were just a few rows down from where David Beckham was sitting! He had a private box. Yes, we saw him. Yes, there are pictures to prove it. But my camera died, and I’m going to have to bribe Erika to give them to me. 🙂

It was a great weekend. One of those weekends that feels like 5 days long. It was great. Erika and Timmy are moving out to LA soon and we are SO excited they will be our neighbors!!


Bend it like Beckham! October 27, 2009

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We were super fortunate to know people in high places (Hi Ashley!) and we scored amazing seats at the Galaxy Game Saturday night. We had gone to a Soccer Game (AKA: Football) in Europe in September, but we hadn’t been to one in our own city, so we thought it was a great opportunity.


Wow, we can’t believe what we had been missing! The game was sooo much fun! It’s fast paced, the athletes are literally sprinting for the whole time. They were flying in the air, slamming the ball with their heads and skidding across the field. It was awesome! And Beckham himself played almost the whole game!  I had my eye peeled for Ms. Victoria Beckham too.. but I couldn’t find her. 🙂

And now I present the “Beckham Photo Montage”:








Here’s a video of part of the game!

In typical Kelley fashion, I was in the right place at the right time, and I was chosen to be in the Half Time Show!!! It was the “Soccer Mom Challenge” sponsored by Tide! I was on a relay team and we had to dribble the ball up the field!



Look at me go!! HAHA!

Mr. Pringles was waiting at the end! My team won!!! (I’m in the middle of these three girls!)



What did I win, you ask? A huge basket full of Tide stuff! Detergent, fabric softener, paper towels, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste and a toothbrush! SCORE!

Good thing I have a handsome strong husband to carry the prize!


And then to make an already perfect evening even BETTER…. this happened:




Here’s a close up of the awesome Soccer Mom prize!

File under… you know you’re getting old when…


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