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Rotterdam, NL February 3, 2003

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Ok, I feel that I have left a lot out. Ok, I don’t even know where to start. Ok, Last Friday, January 31, Whitney and I got up early, and took the first bus to Nijmagen. This is the train station that we had to go to, to get a train to Rotterdam. On the train, we met up with a bunch of other Emerson kids. We talked to them for a while. While the train man was going around collecting tickets, everyone got theirs out and ready. When he got to me, he starts talking to me in Dutch…. For like 30 seconds. I had no idea what he was saying, and I didn’t want to interrupt him, so I let him go. Then I start Cracking up, like hysterically laughing and he just looked at me. Then this kid sitting across from me told the guy to speak English so I would understand. He says “Oh, well I was just telling you that you are on the wrong train.” It was really funny. Apparently, we were on the right train, but the trains here split in half, on the way, and one half goes in one direction, and the other goes in the other direction, and I was on the wrong half. I thought it was funny.

When we finally got to Rotterdam, Whitney and I found the film festival. It’s funny how the whole town is in on this. We found the ticket booth, and began reading about the films screening that day. Ironically, we ran into Rob Todd, a film teacher at Emerson. One of his films made it into the festival, so he was there.
We hung out with him for a while, and bought tickets to see some films. "Sex as Comedy" was in French, with Dutch subtitles, so I didn’t understand it at all, "Deadly Outlaw" was Japanese with English subtitles, so it was really dumb, but the last one I saw, "Fear X", was in English. It was a great film, similar to Memento. It was really good. It may even get bought by a bigger production company, and then it may be in theaters in the USA, and I would have seen it a year early! Woo Hoo! Whitney went to two more movies than me, so I took the time to walk around Rotterdam by myself. (Don’t worry, it was safe) It actually began snowing a lot while I was there. Good thing I had my hat and my mittens! The whole town was destroyed in WWII, so architects from all over the world came to "rebuild" the city. So all of the buildings in the town are now ultra modern, very unique and obscure. (I took pics, don’t worry). They were really cool. Then, I saw a bridge called the Erasmus Bridge. It is only suspended from one side, it was really neat.

Then I went to a museum by myself. I can’t pronounce the name of it. It was amazing because there was Monet and Picasso there. I love Picasso. There was also an exhibit on Winnie the Pooh, and they had the original sketches of the illustrations. I took some pictures of that too. They also had a lot of video art, which was interesting. They had rooms with surround sound, and they used audio and video to produce art. I liked that part.

Stayokay, Rotterdam

Rotterdam Film Festival

This is a picture from Fear X (a movie I saw in the Festival).


Cube Houses!



Erasmus Bridge – Suspended from just one side!

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

In here, I saw Picasso, Monet and Rembrandt. I also saw the actual original sketches of Winnie the Pooh. There was also a lot of video and audio art, something I have never really seen before. It was amazing.

Then we took a bus back to the Castle. Today, we went to Venlo, the biggest city closest to us. I was gonna go get some new shirts and stuff….and we got there, only to find out that everything is closed on Sunday, so we had hot cocoa and came back 🙂 Then I did laundry. There, do you feel caught up now? I have class for 2 days, and Tuesday night, I am leaving, with Emily, to Vienna and Budapest. I think I will activate my eurail pass…. I think it’s the best way to go about it.