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Easter in the Netherlands April 21, 2003

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Yesterday was Easter Sunday. I attempted to get up early and go to a Dutch Easter Mass, but then got too tired and decided against it. We could hear the church bells from our room though (does that count?) Today, I went for a run, then chilled on the lawn outside and did some homework. It was sooo nice outside! Then, Nelly cooked us an “easter dinner”, but it was terrible and I got sick from it. I’m so mad because here, you have three options: 1.) get sick from the food 2.) eat peanut butter and bread for the rest of your life and get fat 3.) starve… you just can’t win. Everyone is super homesick. Thank god Irving called me tonight, because I just want to come home. My sister is in Europe this week, my parents are in Disney World, and I’m here…. All alone. I had a great time here, but enough is enough and I ran out of money…. Time for Boston!

Today was Easter Monday. Again, everything was closed. Apparently it’s a big holiday here. It was close to 80 degrees here today, super hot. I went for a nice run around the village, and for the rest of the day, just relaxed on the field behind the castle. There was a little cookout going on, and a bunch of guys bought a grill and a bunch of meat and veggies, and just barbequed all day. Everyone just hung out on blankets, getting some sun. We played Frisbee, and cards, and just talked about stuff. It was perfect. What a great day.


Exploring the Netherlands April 19, 2003

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Today, Dara and I totally slept in. Then, at noon, we met Dominique at the Vink. He is a guy that works in the dining hall with me. He lives in the village here. All of us were going to Arcen, a town 15 minutes away. In Arcen is the ice cream place rated “Best Ice-Cream in Europe, for like 3 or 4 years in a row. We got there, and it was true, it was great! Then, we walked around the town for a while and saw some of the castles in the area. One of them looks very similar to our castle. It was fun. Marjorie, Tony, Dara and I went to the Vink for dinner and got some soup. Then at night, till almost 2am, we watched the “Sixth Sense” with a bunch of people. It freaked us all out because it was scary. Dara and I were scared to go back to our room. This castle is scary at night when there aren’t too many people in it. Oh, and by the way, there has been a massive attack of spiders on the Castle and they are everywhere, it’s so scary and gross.


Winding Down April 18, 2003

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Today, Dara and I got up early and went to the Meer Market (the town supermarket) and we got some food for the weekend. There are no meals this weekend, so we have to stock up! Then, we ate brunch in our room. After this, we took the bus to Venlo, a town 45 minutes away. When we got there, we found the Limburg Museum. We were hoping to find some cool artifacts from the Castle, but there wasn’t much there. We saw some old portraits of the Royal family who lived here, but other than that, it was a waste of three Euros!

After that experience, we walked around the town. It was really warm out, and there were so many people. Everywhere we turned, there were people. It was crazy. We did some shopping, and a lot of window shopping. With about 10 Euros left until we leave, window shopping was a good idea.

On the way back to Well, we saw a few castle guys get on the bus too. They had come all the way to Venlo to buy beer, because apparently, if you buy a lot of beer in Well, the people call the Castle to warn the administration. That’s sad.  And, on the way back, there was road construction, and it took us an hour and 45 minutes to get back. It sucked. But we made it.

For the rest of the night, we just relaxed around the castle, ate dinner in the room, and played Scrabble online. (Its fun, you should all try it!) I don’t think I’ve won a game yet!


Venice, Italy April 13, 2003

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I went to Venice, Italy alone too. It was a great experience, yet one of the loneliest. I had fun seeing everything and going to museums, and seeing St. Mark’s square and everything, but at night, I was a little bored, being alone. It also rained all 5 days I was there. Except one day, it rained for a few hours, and then stopped, and I looked up at the church in St. Mark’s square, and there was a rainbow over it. It was so beautiful, I really felt like God put that rainbow there for me to cheer me up. It did, it brought a smile to my face! I did some shopping and more sight-seeing, it was fun.

Me, in Saint Mark’s Square with the birds.

Rialto Bridge (biggest bridge in Venice).

Me on the Bridge of Sighs.

My sister, Mikaela. She didn’t come with me, but I thought it was cool that we had the same picture!

God put that Rainbow there for me, because I was sad, hungry, tired, poor and homesick by this point!

It rained the ENTIRE time I was there…

One day, I went to Padova with a girl from my hostel. It is a town an hour from Venice. There was a lot to see, and we had a great time. I again ate a lot of Gelato… mmmm….

Then, I took a Ryanair flight back to Belgium, and came home.


Hanging Out at the Castle! April 12, 2003

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I have been just relaxing and chilling, getting ready for finals. That’s about it. Its actually better than that in real life, I’m just too lazy to write it all down. Its all in my real journal here, and I have tons of pics to show, like, everyone when I get home! I know you all miss me! I miss everyone there too!


Salzburg, Austria April 7, 2003

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Tuesday, I went to Salzburg, Austria. I went for the sole purpose of going on the Sound of Music tour. The movie was filmed there and the actually family lived there. It snowed during most of my time there. I toured the town the first day with a girl I met in my hostel. I went there alone, so I had like, no one to talk to. I climbed some hills, took some pictures, saw some castles… and chilled.

austrian alps

One night, at 1am, a group of us watched the movie in the hostel. It ended at 4am. It was fun though. I had all the songs stuck in my head. Then, the next day, I did the tour. It was 4 hours long, and I saw all the places the movie was filmed, even the Gazebo that “16 going on 17” was shot in. Everything I saw was awesome. I loved it. Then, after the tour, it was cold, and I was lonely and homesick, I called Irving crying, for some comfort, and the phone card ran out. It was tragic. Bad day in Austria.


top of salzburg

Salzburg is where "The Sound of Music" was filmed. The actual story also took place here!

sound of music lake
The Back of the "Von Trapp" house in the movie. And the lake where the boat flips over in the beginning of the film.

The Abbey!

gazeebo from movie
The Actual Gazeebo in the movie. Where they sing "16 Going on 17"!

lane where julie andrews dances on
Road where the Von Trapp kids were "hanging from trees"!

maria got married in this church
In the Movie, this is the church where Maria and the captain get married. This is not really in Salzburg, but in the movie its supposed to be.

The fountain where the children danced:
fountain from som

The hill where they escaped to in real life:
hill where they escaped to in real life 

A girl that I met in my hostel who did the tour with me!
Me and a girl i met in salzburg 


The church that they “got married in”
sound of music church 

On the Sound of Music Tour:
sound of music tour 

I love Austria!
sound of music

For More information, Check this site out!


Munich April 6, 2003

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Well, I haven’t written in a while… Whats new? A lot I guess. I’m very homesick, and I’m Sooooo ready to come home now. I think I’ve felt this way since the middle of March. The weather has been unexpectedly amazing. It has been so warm and so sunny all the time. Its great. I’m working on my tan! Ok… so I’ll fill you all in on basically what I have been up to.

Last weekend, I was in Munich. My whole group (79 of us) took a train, overnight. We got there Friday morning, and we went to some palaces, some main squares, some museums. It was all nice and stuff.


Saturday, we went to some museums, I saw some older museums, and then a really great modern art museum. Modern art is my new favorite thing ever. I love it, I spent all day in there! Saturday night was the best night EVER!

First, all of us (yes, 79 of us) went to the Beer Hall. It’s a bar that holds 1,500 people, just on the first floor. Its awesome. We all drank and had fun. Yea Yea Yea… then….Melissa and I went to an awesome techno dance club in downtown Munich. We stayed till almost 3am, although I could have stayed much longer. It was awesome. We met some guys from Switzerland, we couldn’t figure out if they were either very European, or very gay… either way, whatever. We had a great time.

Sunday, we went to Dachau. It is the first concentration camp that Nazi Germany used during WWII. It was a strange experience. I felt like I should be moved by it, but I actually felt numb to it. I felt like something so terrible could never happen and I tried to convince myself that it was all fake. Its just too terrible to imagine, I guess. But I was glad I had the opportunity to see it because it’s such a big part of Europe’s history.

Dachau, Germany (Nazi Concentration Camp)

On a side note, the best part was when Chester Lee, our Chinese program leader, told us all on the bus there that “You must bring food to Dachau. If you do not bring food to the concentration camp, you will starve!” Ironic huh?

Monday, I went to Fussen, a town in southern Bavaria, 2 hours from Munich. I went with Dara and her boyfriend, Will. In Fussen is the castle that the Disney Castle is modeled after. It is way up on a mountain, and we took a horse and buggy up the hill. It was cute. The horse farted so loud the whole way up, I thought I was going to die! Lol jk. It was a beautiful castle, but for what we paid to get there and go in, it kinda wasn’t it worth it.

Bavaria, Germany (This castle is the one that the Disneyland Castle is modeled after!).


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